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We produce and sell mostly our own designs and those are made in our own manufacture. If it's not on our website, we probably already have done it anyway, so contact us. We do custom projects.

Our list of clients includes Cirque Du Soleil, Dragone Entertainment, 7 Fingers, Cirque Eloize, Catwall Acrobats, Spiegelworld, Disney, Luc Petit Créations, Ferrari World, RCCL Cruise Lines, Vallarta Adventures, Broadway Productions,  and many others around the world.


Fixed Trapeze / 2.5 m ropes Ecru / Black leather protectors

Fixed Trapeze / 2.5 m ropes Ecru / Black leather protectors

High quality trapeze excellent for both recreational and professional users Features: Tra..

505.20 $US

Aerial Rope / Tubular Webbing Spanish Web / Standard 8m / Ecru

Aerial Rope / Tubular Webbing Spanish Web / Standard 8m / Ecru

High quality Spanish Web / Aerial Rope, with a tubular webbing cover for smoothness. Excellent for b..

340.80 $US

TRAINING Handstand Kit

TRAINING Handstand Kit

Our Training Handstand kit is the ideal tool to learn handstands, but good looking enough to perform..

From 97.80 $US
To 105.50 $US

Carabiner and Swivel kit by AustriAlpin

Carabiner and Swivel kit by AustriAlpin

This kit includes: One (1) Swivel (S2L) Two (2) Steel Carabiners (TK35AK3) Information ab..

Starting at: 109.90 $US

PRO Simple Wheel / Roue Cyr -  2in/5cm Grip Model - Standard In Stock Sizes

PRO Simple Wheel / Roue Cyr - 2in/5cm Grip Model - Standard In Stock Sizes

PRO Cyr wheels are Circusconcepts specialty. Renowned for their quality for over 10 years, we make ..

1,008.90 $US

Aerial Cube

Aerial Cube

The Aerial Cube is a common circus prop that allows multiple users to perform trapeze tricks at the..

1,315.70 $US

Aerial Ring / Aerial Heart Hoop 38''

Aerial Ring / Aerial Heart Hoop 38''

Heart Shaped Aerial hoopInternal diameter 38'' Technical specifications:Two (2) attachment pointsMad..

388.00 $US

Bungee Rope / White / 10 mm (acrobatic)

Bungee Rope / White / 10 mm (acrobatic)

10% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! *can not be combined with any other special offers or discounts*Thi..

539.80 $US 599.80 $US

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Flip Fabrique 25/07/2016

Flip Fabrique has proudly maintanied a close partnership with Circus Concept since our debut. Circus Concepts has the best circus apparatus on the market...

Daniel Blunk 30/01/2010

I have justed started doing Cyr Wheel but I´m realy satisfied with the Ring, have seen some Rings from a German producer but I like yours way more. (yours is more Shine) Just can give anybody the advice to get the ring from your Place, also you take care about your customer service Just great...

Edward Jacobs 11/11/2014

5 months ago I purchased my first wheel from Circus Concepts. Both Hugo and his sister were patient and helpful throughout the process and as I had never been on a wheel before, were able to guide me to the right first purchase. I ended up getting a pro-wheel with the black rubber grip as it was unclear which surfaces I would be practicing on. This turned out to be a good decision, although after settling in to a training regimen in a regular facility, it is also clear that I am up for a re-covering with PVC and a color treatment of the wheel. I have now trained with Courtney Giannoni of Svind..

Jonathan F.V. 08/02/2017

I recently purchased PRO Handstand kit from CircusConcepts. It's an excellent piece of equipment, very well built, feels solid and looks nice. The rods are thick and solid, and the base is very stable. I feel like I could kip on it, and it wouldn't tip. Very happy of that purchase, Circus Concepts is a great place to look for circus equipment...

Lucas Suarez 02/03/2019

I recently got my handstand kit pro and is such an amazing piece. Really detailed, confortable and stable. If there is anything to improve I would say is quite heavy. Totally recommendable. And also good attention from the company...