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PRO Handstand Kit

PRO Handstand Kit
PRO Handstand Kit
PRO Handstand Kit
PRO Handstand Kit
PRO Handstand Kit
PRO Handstand Kit

This is a high quality kit for semi-professional and professional Handstand Artists. It is an affordable option compared to a custom made base. It is small, sturdy and adjustable. It comes with 2 fixed handstand platforms and one on a one way bearing for spinning tricks. This model is designed for performance, with polished stainless steel rods and thick hand platforms, and a good looking round base with 5 adjustable legs to ensure that it is always level.

If you cannot find how to make a kit that fits your needs (example, you need more than one one-way handle) - Contact us and we will help you build your custom handstand kit!

*Please note -If you are choosing a custom length (max 36'', 1'' canes), please make sure to specify which length (in inches) in the text box provided.

Features (Stainless steel rods, Flanges and Female Adapters):

  • Polished stainless steel rods will reflect the light and they look amazing in show lights or sunlight!
  • A specially designed taper rod that fixes itself quickly in the base but never 'jams' into the female adapters. You can easily insert them and take them out during your choreography
  • 6 adjustable legs for stability and leveling
  • One way ball bearing Cane for rotating tricks, so you can spin!
  • 2 Standard fixed Canes for stability.
  • Pre-stained base and Hand platforms (basic layer. We recommend adding layers or color on reception).

Technical specifications:

  • Base Diameter: 29.5 " / 79 cm
  • Base Thickness: 1.5 " / 3.81 cm
  • With 3 holes for canes adapters
  • Distance between each canes: 13’’ center to center
  • Base Material: Bamboo plywood 
  • Canes Length | Cane Diameter:  30 inches and above | 1 inch 

Choose your rotating handle type 

  • All rotating handles are ONE WAY

Rotating handle Bearing type:

  • Standard Bearing 
  • Super Spinning

*2 fixed handle will be provided by default

Please contact us via chat or email if you have any other questions

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PRO Handstand Kit
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