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Accessories / Spare Parts for Tripods

Model: PERMATEX80071
Permatex Anti-seize Lubricant for Chinese pole or TripodFeatures:·         A refined blend of aluminum, copper and graphite·         Prevents rusting, cold welding and galvanic corrosion between assembled parts·         Temperature range: -54°C to 870°C (-65°F to 1600°F)·         Use for easy assemb..
19.83 $CAD

Model: TBTH
Protective bag designed for carrying the head and feet of your Achille Tripod!Material:Made of Cordura 1000D nylon..
84.25 $CAD

Basic Rope Kit (For Freestanding Rigs)IncludesRopeLength: 75 FeetColour: BlackStatic (no Stretch)Diameter: 7/16 inchDouble Braided Rope-PolyesterMinimum breaking load: 6300LB (28 kN)One (1) X  Auto-Lock Carabiner (C2 A-B)Color: BlackMaterial: AluminumMaximum breaking strength (major Axis): 29KN..
309.20 $CAD

Ronstan is a renowned pulley manufacturer that offers quality of all its components. The pulleys offer very little friction and high loads. We use these pulleys to offer a very low friction Pulley Block system at an affordable price, just like many big circus companies.This kit gives you a 3:1 force..
762.77 $CAD

Model: stage_weight
Fillable Stage Weight to TravelTechnical specifications (Imperial): Capacity: 10 liters Weight while empty : 0.4 lbs  Width: 11.5 inchesLength: 21 inchesTechnical specifications (Metric):Capacity: 2.64 gallonsWeight : 362.87 gmWidth: 292.1 mmLength: 533.4 mmA liter of sand is 1.6..
32.66 $CAD

Model: RP01
This Beam Clamp is designed to be rigged on a beam to add an attachment point.Your Beam must be compatible.*Please check the image explaining the distancesWith space in the center: Minimum 1/2inch to max 2-1/2''Height of beam: Min 1-1/2" to max 3-1/2" (Higher beams possible, just request longer bolt..
137.17 $CAD

Model: TAA120
Spread bar AttachmentThis Spreader Bar is specially design to attach to the Achille Tripod, allow you to rig a fix or dance trapeze bar to the tripod  it is  also perfect for bungees, loop ropes or loop tissue. This bar has two rigging points with the same approved load capacity as the Ach..
198.89 $CAD

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