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Simple Wheel | TRAINING | Roue Cyr

Simple Wheel | TRAINING | Roue Cyr
Simple Wheel | TRAINING | Roue Cyr
Simple Wheel | TRAINING | Roue Cyr
Simple Wheel | TRAINING | Roue Cyr
Simple Wheel | TRAINING | Roue Cyr
Simple Wheel | TRAINING | Roue Cyr
Simple Wheel | TRAINING | Roue Cyr
Simple Wheel | TRAINING | Roue Cyr
Simple Wheel | TRAINING | Roue Cyr
Simple Wheel | TRAINING | Roue Cyr
Simple Wheel | TRAINING | Roue Cyr
Simple Wheel | TRAINING | Roue Cyr
Simple Wheel | TRAINING | Roue Cyr
Simple Wheel | TRAINING | Roue Cyr

TRAINING Simple Wheel Model

This model is the basic Cyr wheel. The most affordable wheel. 

Note: This product is custom and needs 15 to 20  Business Days of manufacturing time. Then add delivery ( 2-4 days, anywhere in the world)

Comparing between the TRAINING, ADVANCED and PRO model:

  • It is basically the same wheel as ADVANCED, but with less joints so it's 3 parts, easily dismantlable, aluminium and steel composition. It is slightly lighter (1.5 kilo or so) since it has less steel joints. 
  • This model has bigger parts than the ADVANCED or PRO. It  is usually Oversize in the plane, and does not fit in all car trunks. 
  • This model has the normal polished aluminium finish, it does not have a hand made reflective finish on the aluminium like the PRO model (same as ADVANCED).
  • This model does not have zinc plated joints to prevent rust/corrosion and reaction between steel and aluminium (same as ADVANCED).
  • This model does not have a cooked-on layer on the aluminium, which slows and often prevents blackening under the covering (same as ADVANCED )
  • This model, since there is no extra layer on the aluminium, the covering is not as tight. It can be an advantage, as it makes it easier to change the covering, but also the covering might turn on the wheel a bit in some tricks near the middle of each section. (same as ADVANCED)
  • We can manufacture this model in 7-15  business days, while the PRO model, when it's a custom Order, takes 10-15 business days.(same as ADVANCED)


A very simple, yet beautiful apparatus. Spin, roll and coin-spin with this wonderful apparatus that will amaze the crowd. Very simple in shape, yet very hard to manufacture, as the Circle is the 'Perfect Form'.  It is not to hard to build one, but it is very hard to build a good one. Ask people who have tried. A good wheel should be round, the tubing not deformed (tubing's are often oval because of incorrect rolling dyes) and flat on the ground when you put it on a flat ground. Also, finding the perfect covering takes a long time.

This model is aimed at the least expensive price, yet has the same spinning quality as our ADVANCED model, but it is not as practical for travelling. 

Wheels have to be the right size for each person's height. This is very important. Our experience will help us help YOU determine the best size for you. We will fit the right size for you when you provide your height in the order.

Our wheels are Aluminium to keep them light and transportable, with non plated metal joints.

We do not keep this model in stock, we will manufacture it just for your size!




Custom Size to get the perfect match for your height

  • You can also check out our size chart here
  • Contact us to decide which inside diameter and grip size we recommend for you. Please write to with your exact height or provide it while checking out.


Light and easy to transport

  • 3 parts makes medium parts that are light. Unfortunately it does not fit in all car trunks, and is oversize in the plane.
  • Same Easy and quick to assemble joints as the PRO model.
  • 12 KG for the 1.5" Grip Size model  - We have found that too light wheels slip more easily from the floor, so we have increased the weight of those wheels with heavier joints.
  • 14 kg for the 2" Grip Size Model
  • Around 18 kg for the 2" Grip EXTRA STRONG Model
  • Can be easily carried around. No overweight for the plane (like all our wheel models) but probably oversize
    • No Transport Case available

Standard Grip - Best compromise of surface Grip and Looks

  • Standard Wheel is PVC/Klearon covered, for the best grip versus looks option (transparent covering makes the aluminium stand out)


  • High Strength Grade aluminium makes for a tough wheel that won't bend
  • Steel joints for strength and toughness. Not plated, might rust with time or in corrosive environments.
  • Bigger and stronger  bolts than competitors , Zinc plated, metric- corrosion resistant bolts, good looks and you can purchase temporary replacement anywhere around the world ( but our bolts are 12.9 Grade, so to get the same quality you'll probably have to order from us. You can use lower graded bolts for emergencies, but we don't recommend it long term.)

Includes also

  • Metric Allen Key for assembly
  • Instruction manual to get the best of your investment
  • 2 Extra Bolts


Technical specifications

Grip Size Options

  • 1.5" ( 3.8 cm ) including covering for Standard and Colored Wheels
  • 2" Grip Diameter (Actual Diameter is 1-7/8) including covering for Standard and Colored Wheels

  • 2" EXTRA STRONG (Actual Diameter is 1-7/8)- XStrong Model with double wall thickness.  Recommended for artists doing heavy tricks or any artist of 90kg or more.

Inside diameter

  • Depending on your height 


  • Standard wheel: Shiny/Basic Polished aluminium. Covering is transparent

Recommended for which grounds/surfaces

  • Best Surfaces - Standard PVC Covering
    • HARD Marley/Dance floor,
      • Best marley is no more than 2-3mm thick. The best way to test if your marley is soft is to push with your nail into it. If it leaves a mark more than 1mm deep, the marley is considered Soft. You will need more energy to spin and will spin slower, but you can still perform.
    • Wooden floors or Panel
      • Stage risers have a good grip
      • Varnished Floors have a good grip
      • Wet varnished floors are very dangerous
      • Wet stage risers, not varnished, have a low but usable grip
  • Good but Not so recommended surfaces
    • If you plan to use it on such surfaces, plan to purchase extra covering as the covering will wear faster and will loose it's transparency quickly
      • rough/sandpaper like surfaces
      • asphalt
      • non polished/stone embedded cement (like street side walkways) 



  • You can order your Standard wheel in any colors you would like. We offer Powder coated paint jobs for our wheels.
    • Plain color finish
    • Color with Metal Flakes finish
    • select your color code in the color picker above. 

Any other questions?

  • Please read our FAQ for Simple wheels:  Simple Wheels FAQ
  • or, Contact us, we'll gladly help you!


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Simple Wheel | TRAINING | Roue Cyr
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