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Simple Wheel | Roue Cyr | MINI Simple Wheel

Simple Wheel | Roue Cyr | MINI Simple Wheel
Simple Wheel | Roue Cyr | MINI Simple Wheel
Simple Wheel | Roue Cyr | MINI Simple Wheel
Simple Wheel | Roue Cyr | MINI Simple Wheel
Simple Wheel | Roue Cyr | MINI Simple Wheel
Simple Wheel | Roue Cyr | MINI Simple Wheel

Cyr wheels are the specialty of Circusconcepts. Renowned for their quality for over 10 years, we make the best wheels on the market. You will amaze the crowds with this beautiful apparatus, let’s Spin, Roll and Coin Spin! Those wheels are very simple in shape, yet very hard to manufacture, as the Circle is the 'Perfect Form'. Ask someone who has tried a good wheel, it should be round, the tubing not deformed (tubing’s are often ovals because of incorrect rolling dies) and flat on the ground when you put it on a flat ground. We offer 2 types of covering, and 2 wheels 'thickness' sizes to fit everyone's needs (1,5" and 2" grip size, and custom coverings).

Wheel Size:

  • Standard Size : 1 meter / 39 inches
  • Custom Size : Max 48 inches

Note: the smaller the wheel is, the harder the tricks are to do.

Grip Size:

  • 2" (5 cm) including covering for Standard and Coloured Wheels
  • 1.5" (3.8 cm) including covering for Standard and Coloured Wheels
  • 1.75" (4.4cm) including covering for Rubber Grip Models

Standard Grip - Best compromise of surface Grip and Looks

  • You can order the rough aluminum one, which is like our ADVANCED model, or with our special Handmade reflective finish, unique to CircusConcepts,  for the best reaction over lights
  • Standard Wheel is PVC/Klearon covered, for the best grip versus looks option (transparent covering brings the reflective effect of our special finish to its best)
  • 1.5" (3.8 cm) or 2" (5 cm) 'Grip' Diameter.
  • Clear coating on the mini wheel if you choose our Hand Made Finish to preserve the good looks and keep blackening away.

Optional Rubber Grip - Best grip on all surfaces, but loss on looks and durability - BLACK only

  • Rubber grip. A rubber tube is installed instead of the Clear covering, making for better grip on slippery surfaces and for rough surfaces
  • PLUS: Better grip, less sensitive to wet ground
  • MINUS: Will wear faster on rough surfaces, so you need to change it more often, but it works better on slippery and rough surfaces.
  • MINUS: Black, will not catch light. You lose a lot of the attractive reflections of the aluminum wheel
  • 1.75" (4, 5 cm) 'Grip' Diameter.

** No Clear Coat and no reflective finish on Rubber Grip Wheels. This is why they are cheaper.


  • Basic: No finish on the aluminum. Direct from the factory with no polishing
  • Hand Made Finish extra: Handmade reflective finish on the aluminum. Covering is transparent
  • Rubber Grip: Black rubber looks

You can order your Standard wheel in any colour you would like. We offer Powder coated paint jobs for our wheels.

  • Plain Colours finish
  • Colour plus Metal Flakes finish
  • Mirror Chrome Finish -- Our new finish! You'll have the MOST reflective and shiny wheel around for sure. Great for stage.

Select you colour code here: - Please provide RAL colour code.

Durable and Tough. High Strength Grade aluminum with protective clear coat** makes for a tough wheel that won't bend 

***Zinc plated steel joints for strength, toughness and Zinc Plated to prevent corrosion -- ONLY put on if  standard HAND MADE FINISH IS SELECTED.

Bigger and stronger  bolts than competitors , Zinc plated, metric- corrosion resistant, good looks and you can purchase replacement anywhere around the world

Light and easy to transport:

  • 2 parts makes that you can travel more easily with it
  • Easy and quick to assemble CircusConcepts joints
  • Around 8 Kg total weights. Can be easily carried around.

Includes also

  • Metric Allen Key for assembly
  • Instruction manual to get the best of your investment
  • 2 Extra Bolts

 Recommended for which grounds/surfaces

  • Best Surfaces for our Standard PVC Covering
    • HARD Marley/Dance floor,
      • Best Marley is no more than 2-3 mm thick. The best way to test if your Marley is soft is to push with your nail into it. If it leaves a mark more than 1mm deep, the Marley is considered soft. You will need more energy to spin and will spin slower, but you can still perform.
    • Wooden floors or Panel
      • Stage risers have a good grip
      • Varnished Floors have a good grip
      • Wet varnished floors are very dangerous

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Simple Wheel | Roue Cyr | MINI Simple Wheel
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