About Us

Circus Concepts Inc.
Founded: 2008 
Location: Québec, Canada 

Founder: Hugo Noel, Circus Artist, Creator and Mechanical Designer

Made from a dream that grew up in Hugo Noel's mind when he was in college in mechanical engineering, Québec City,
CircusConcepts is the reunion of Hugo's knowledge in the circus world and his experience as a Drafter and Conceptor in mechanical engineering. Hugo started to acquire his knowledge at a very young age from his father, him being a recognized conceptor of industrial mechanical machines.

Hugo started working in the field of engineering before even entering college. Combining his circus studies, his work as a Conceptor in a long running conception firm and his Academic Formation, Hugo figured he should combine this unique mix of knowledge. Being often deceived or frustrated by the lack of thinking put into many circus apparatuses, he promised himself to do something about it one day. 

After 4 years touring around the world in different circuses, where he learned a lot more about circus and props, and contributed here and there to some more efficient designs, he officially started his company as a freelancer in March 2008. 

Now, in 2017, Hugo is still touring around the world doing shows and giving workshops with his simple wheel solo act and his troupe, The Catwall Acrobats. Whenever in Canada, or while on tour, he spends time designing new circus props and managing CircusConcepts, which is now a successful business that sells on thousands of items every year!

The company is now thriving to propose new products, but is very busy with the ongoing sales. 

Our goal is to improve the apparatuses used in circus, and to make it easy and affordable for anyone to have access to quality circus products around the world. We also thrive to involve ourselves in the circus community. 


The Team - Engineering and Fabrication

Hugo Noel


President, Founder and Graduate in Mechanical Engineering. Well, the title says it all. See above for more information.

Désindes, Cynthia

Office Manager

As a bilingual asset to the company, she is responsible for managing the Office of CircusConcepts. She is the go-to person for customer service and sales, receiving orders from customers and responding to requests as quickly as possible. In addition, she can answer inquiries about the products that are offered by CircusConcepts. For specific or custom requests, she refers to the president, designer and international artist, Hugo Noel, who will find the solution for you. 

René Houle

Chief of operations and manufacture

René runs the manufacturing process of our items, made in our manufacture. He supervises our team which carves, pierces, bends metal to the right shape with precision, spending the right amount of hours finishing the products until they look so good the customers are amazed. His patience, leadership, and the quality of his team's work is a great asset to CircusConcepts.