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Acrobatic Equipment

Model: PERMATEX80071
Permatex Anti-seize Lubricant for Chinese pole or TripodFeatures:·         A refined blend of aluminum, copper and graphite·         Prevents rusting, cold welding and galvanic corrosion between assembled parts·         Temperature range: -54°C to 870°C (-65°F to 1600°F)·         Use for easy assemb..
19.83 $CAD

Model: CS12
This is the base adapter/socket to use with CircusConcepts 3/4'' (19 mm) diameter canes.Install this adapter into any base that you want to use your canes with. It is made with the highest grade 316L Stainless steel in order to avoid blackening. This adapter is only compatible with CircusConcepts 3/..
116.60 $CAD

The Ultra light Carbon Chinese Pole, part of our line of Static Poles, is a top quality pole to help the performers achieve their best in this common circus discipline. This model is designed for the travelling artist, to save on luggage fees and make travel life more enjoyable!Features:Very light a..
6,516.72 $CAD

The basic rigging kit is conceived for our Pro Static Chinese Poles.IncludesThree (3) Galvanized Steel Cables with loops at endsSize: 20’ x 3/16”Working Load:  840 Lbs / 381 KG working load at 5 for 1working load ratio.1.4 LBS / 0.6 KG per cableThree (3) Black Strap RatchetsWorking Load: 800 LB..
261.27 $CAD

Model: CE10
This model is perfect to train, but good looking enough to perform with.Did you know that it's easier to hold handstands on these than on the ground? The principle is simple, the flexibility of the poles and attachments gives you a 'wider' range of balance, so you can stay on your hands easily! The ..
102.87 $CAD

Model: CHK4
These are our Pro Handle One-Way Canes with Lock and Adaptor.  These will be the new standard for our old model of Pro Handle Rectangular One Way Cane with Adaptor.  These canes are designed for performance, for professional and semi-professional artists.This system includes:1 x Recta..
485.00 $CAD

Russian Swing | Catwall Acrobats | Signature Russian Swing | Catwall Acrobats | Signature
8 - 10 Weeks
Model: AS20
The Russian Swing is a very fun apparatus with soft take offs and great air time. It is widely used in the circus domain.Many different models exist, but usually only the pivot to platform distance, and the form of the platform varies.Up to 5 people (4 pushers and one flyer) can fit on the platform...
10,450.94 $CAD

Model: TWR25
Technical specificationsStandard spring for professional tight wire artistsTested and improved for the best spring ration.General information:Colour: Silver. Possible to make black on requestMaterial : Spring Steel and construction steelStrength = 2.5 Metric TonsSize (IMPERIAL SYSTEM):Diameter = 5"L..
755.52 $CAD

Model: HP_Springs
Springs ONLYRebound Product High Performance Trampoline SpringsA smooth bouncing and longer lasting option primarily for today's competition sized trampolines. Size: 10''This Product is Made in CanadaAny other questions? Contact us, we'll gladly help you!..
11.01 $CAD

Chinese Pole | Static Pole | PRO | Custom Chinese Pole | Static Pole | PRO | Custom
4 - 5 Weeks
Model: CUMN90
Let us know what you want! We have manufactured custom Chinese poles for many clients, including Cirque Éloize, 7 Fingers and many others!Please send your custom request to us via e-mail at Features Anything you want. We have done many custom poles, so we can assist yo..
5,748.02 $CAD

Model: AC10
The Aerial Cube is a common circus prop that allows multiple users to perform trapeze tricks at the same time. The cube can be painted any colour or even special finish looks (Rusted metal or anything) on request. Our version is a lightweight, very dismantlable version for artists. ..
2,214.72 $CAD

Model: HBT-01
Features: Safe Efficient Relatively Comfortable Easy to conceal Ergonomic design One size (fits all) Colour : BlackMin. Breaking Load  5000 lbs. / 22 KNWLL ( Max Working Load)  625 Lbs / 2.75KNRecommended Max User Weight* 250 lbs / 1.11KN  Any other questions? ..
504.54 $CAD

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