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Safety Alerts / Safety Recalls

This page is to share any safety concerns on products we produce and distribute.
Since we distribute devices that hold human life, safe props are very important to us!
Remember that all aerial equipment made of natural fibers have a 5 years lifetime. Items should be discarded after 5 years.
Targeted Items:

Any Velvet Covered or Cotton Covered aerial Straps, manufactured by CircusConcepts between 20th June 2022 to 31st October 2022( 20/6/2022 to 31/10/2022 )Serial number #2091 to #2184

We are contacting any clients who have bought straps that could be within those serial numbers  to make sure they are aware of this issue. This is for informational purposes only. If you own straps from us and are not contacted, it means your item does not fall within those parameters.

Action to take:

Extra inspection of the straps, according to the procedures we provide. At this time, the procedure documentation is being elaborated.

Once ready the steps will be posted here.  We expect to post the steps on 24th of March 2023.


Due to a non respect of our manufacturing procedures by an employee who worked for a short time with us, we had an aerial strap fail due to a defect that could not be spotted by our regular finished product quality control. There was no injury due to the incident.

While after throughout investigation we firmly believe this to be an isolated incident restricted to a single strap manufactured on August 2, 2022, we are requesting any users of CircusConcepts Covered Aerial straps manufactured within those dates to perform a post-factory inspection, to make sure that this was an isolated event and ensure everyone’s safety.

Contact Us: Any additional questions can be directed to us at We are here to help!

PEGUET MAILLON RAPIDE SAS PEGUET has informed CircusConcepts that an unused quick link was found to have a visible crack on the surface. PEGUET MAILLON RAPIDE SAS PEGUET is currently investigating this issue. In consideration of the safety of its customers and users, the manufacturer has immediately published a safety warning. Any quick link with a crack must be withdrawn from circulation immediately and use of the quick link must be prevented.

Affected Product:

According to PEGUET 8 mm Maillon Rapide quick links EN 362 / EN 12275 Ref.MRNZ08.0 CE EN (zinc plated steel) of batch: A.19.04 are affected. See link for further information.

Safety Check Procedure:

  • CHECKING THE PRODUCT NUMBER: Check if they have a product with the affected batch number A.19.04 the batch number is engraved on the side of the quick link. (see picture below)
  • CHECK THE PRODUCT: Visually inspect your product to see if there are any cracks present on its surface. (see picture below) are issuing an inspection advisory for any straps manufactured between June 15, 2022 and October 31, 2022.


    What should I do if I find a defective product?

    Should you find a Quick link with a matching batch number, immediately remove it from use and contact us at CircusConcepts or the manufacturer. 

    Are other products affected?

    CircusConcepts doesn’t use the Maillon Rapide 8mm quick link (zinc plated, steel) from PEGUET in any other products. No other CircusConcepts products are impacted by this recall.

    Why does CircusConcepts publish these safety recalls from other manufacturers ?

    CircusConcepts is a distributor of products from other manufacturers and has it’s clients safety as its utmost priority and distributing these recall notices to as many users as possible is part of the safety culture at CircusConcepts. 

    Who can I contact with questions?
    Should you have any questions or concerns about this safety recall or any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us

    3527 Boul Industriel, Sherbrooke, J1L 1X7, Canada 
    Tel: 819 200 0220  Toll free: 1 855 203 5855


    12 rue des Buchillons – CS 60205
    74105 Annemasse Cedex
    +33 (0)

    31 August 2016 PRODUCT RECALL Chinese Poles MA11 and MA21

    All Chinese poles from CircusConcepts manufactured between June 2013 and July 2016 must be re-called for inspection and/or maintenance due to possible long term fatigue failure. This problem has been resolved on any newer pole models.

    The problem seems to be a long term failure, due to fatigue stress. You can read more about this topic here:

    Fatigue stress is, if simplified,  a crack that grows with repeated loading, even if the loading is under the maximum strength the item can bear. We have resolved this issue in our current Chinese Pole models. The final result of our test conclude that long term fatigue stress could cause critical failure of the chinese poles we manufactured during those years.  The problem can go un-noticed for a while until enough play is created that with all the downward pressure on the pole, and a side pressure, one of the joint pieces separates from the pole.

    We will work with each one of you to find the best solution for you to keep using our product safely in the years to come.

    If your pole has been bought between June 2013 and July 2016, please contact us urgently if we have not been in touch already.

    • If possible, do not use the pole until further notice
    • If you are using your pole, please do a thorough inspection of the pole.

    Here are the steps to inspect your pole:

    • Inspect each MALE joint one by one. To do so, have the pole disassembled.
    • With gloves (to not get your hands dirty), hold the pole near it's joint with one hand, and put your other hand on the end of the conical part. Have someone else hold the other end of the pole securely.
    • Try to move it in every direction. If you feel any movement in any direction, please contact us immediately and stop using the pole. If you feel no movement Lay the pole flat on 2 chairs (one chair at each end).
    • Hold your pole on the male part, on the rubber (same as before). Put your other hand further and use this other hand to shake the pole in every direction.
    • If you feel any movement (not in the joint) of the male part under the rubber, contact us immediately and stop using the pole.

    We are warning you as early as we can to avoid further issues. As mentioned, it is a long term issue and will probably not happen to all poles, but we cannot be certain and due to the rubber over the pole, it is very hard to inspect the poles. We will ask for your patience and help in this process. We hope that you can understand that this is a major issue for a small company like CircusConcepts, and we would like to ask your help in this issue. Since we have customers around the world, it is quite a task and can bring tremendous expenses.

    This safety concern is our priority and this is a very specific problem, it does not apply to other items from any of our production. We will update you as our research progress onto the necessary steps.

    Thank you for your understanding. Best Regards, Hugo Noel, Owner and an artist just like you.