The Cyr Wheel, a rising popularity! Cyr wheel is a fascinating piece of equipment used in the circus industry all over the world, but it was not the case fifty years ago. This recent invention is very versatile and can be used many ways in shows. In this short blog, you will learn the basics of this wheel and why it's now popular around the world!


The Invention of the Cyr Wheel

The Cyr wheel has not been around for a very long time like other equipment or acts used in the circus industry. Indeed, the concept of this large ring used to entertain the crowd is less than 100 years old which is short compared to some other equipment used in shows. There were similar wheels that can be associated being ancestor of the current Cyr Wheel used in the 20th century, but the popular modern name comes from the Canadian Daniel Cyr, graduate from l’ École Nationale De Cirque de Montréal, who redesigned the wheel in a more practical way. This modernization of the wheel was implemented around the end of the 90's and the name Cyr Wheel was given to the new design.

The construction of the Cyr Wheel

The material used for the construction of a Cyr Wheel is usually steel or aluminum. Both are metal with their positive and negative points. For example, aluminum might be lighter making the wheel easier to handle, but steel on the other side is harder and more durable. In both cases, a protective coating spray can be applied to the metal to prevent rust or other damages. Since the material chosen for the wheel is some kind of metal, its construction is usually done by assembling 3 or 5 parts of curved metal together, as one single piece would be very difficult to shape.

Tricks and moves

If you think that the use of a hoop like shape is limiting the versatility of moves that can be performed with it, think again! Here are some of the most known moves and tricks that can be done with a Cyr Wheel.

Artist In the Video: CircusConcepts Founder  HUGO NOEL
The Cartwheel: the artist roll with the wheel standing inside of it.
The Boomerang: The artist makes the wheel roll on its own, the slight angle of the hoop makes it go in a circle to come back to its original point.
The Orbit: The artist standing in the middle of its wheel makes it spin around him in a sphere like motion.

In brief...Cyr Wheel

Cyr wheels have grown a lot in the past few decades with plenty of artists recognizing the potential of this great piece of equipment. Not only the use of Cyr wheel is entertaining to the audience, it challenges greatly the artists physically with a big balance and strength requirement.

Artist on cover photo: Angelica Bongiovonni