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HOME Quadripod

HOME Quadripod
HOME Quadripod
HOME Quadripod
HOME Quadripod
HOME Quadripod
HOME Quadripod
HOME Quadripod
HOME Quadripod
HOME Quadripod
HOME Quadripod
HOME Quadripod
HOME Quadripod
HOME Quadripod
HOME Quadripod

15 Feet of height to try all you want! Can also be set at 7.5 ft , and 11.5 ft 

Our HOME Quadripod is designed to be economical, for Light to Medium duty aerial work, with high stability, high load rating and easy to transport.


  • Very lightweight - 80 lbs / 36 kg total weight 
  • Non rusting components - Mainly Aluminum, with some stainless and galvanized parts  - won't rust, no maintenance. Can be left outside as much as you want!
  • Swiveling eyebolt, you save vertical usable height and save the purchase of a 100$+ gated swivel ! 
  • Fits in your  home at the lower 7'5" lower setting. 
  • Can be set at 3 different heights.
  • Large top bar allows you to stretch fully horizontally at usage height.
  • Quick to assemble. Clip-on legs and joints.
  • High strength - 875 Lbs Working Load. 4350 lbs Min. Breaking Load
  • Comes standard with one central point, but you can also use it double point (using Tubular Webbing Slings or Anchor Slings, sold separately)
  • High Stability

Our Quadripods are made only of aluminum and stainless steel, making them good to leave outside and assembled for extended periods of time. If you do decide to leave your rig outdoors, please follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure that the rig is secured and safe from children or onlookers.
  • If you plan on leaving your rigging equipment installed outside for a long period of time be sure to use our marine grade pulleys and ropes.
  • Make sure the ropes are kept off the ground to stay as dry as possible.
  • In places with extremely hot and sunny weather, the ropes will deteriorate faster.  Ropes left outside year round should be replaced every 6 to 24 months, according to their state.
  • If you live in an area where it snows in the winter, it is best to bring your rig indoors during those months.

Items included:   

  • Swiveling Head
  • Cables for the legs (for the purchased height and lower settings)

Quick Guide - Assembly of The Home Quadripod

For a more detailed Assembly please see link below;

Rigging Options for The Home Quadripod

Technical specifications (Imperial)

Travel size

  • 1 box of 61 x 11 x 11  inches
  • 80 lbs for the quadripod, approx. 85-90lbs with the packaging and accessories.

Usage size

  • 3 Height settings: 7.5 feet- 11.5 feet and 15 feet.
  • Usable height (from Eyebolt to floor) ; 7 feet, 11 feet and 14.5 feet.
  • Footprint:  7.5 feet: 63 x 110 inches  // 11.5 feet: 84 x 130 inches // 15 feet: 105 x 150 inches

Technical specifications (Metric)

Travel size

  • 1 box of 160  x 28 x 28 cm
  • 36 kg for the quadripod, approx. 40kg with the packaging and the accessories.

Usage size

  • 3 Height settings: 2.3m - 3.5m and 4.6m.
  • Usable height ( from Eyebolt to floor ) ; 2.17m, 3.37m and 4.57m.
  • Footprint:  2.3m : 160cm x 280cm  // 3.5m : 214 x 330cm // 4.41m : 267 x 381cm

Check out our Load Test of The Home Quadripod below:

Load Test - Home Quadripod


  • Aluminum structure
  • Stainless hardware
  • Galvanized leg cables

Any other questions?  Contact us! We’ll gladly help you.

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HOME Quadripod
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