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Digital Load Cell | LineScale 3 | LineGrip

Digital Load Cell | LineScale 3 | LineGrip
Digital Load Cell | LineScale 3 | LineGrip
Digital Load Cell | LineScale 3 | LineGrip
Digital Load Cell | LineScale 3 | LineGrip

A revolutionary digital all-in-one bluetooth dyno / load cell.

PPE certified, 1280Hz (<1ms) fast, 30kN WLL, and unique onboard-logging of up to 50 hours. The huge load eyes and 90kN breaking strength make it perfectly suited as a generous master point for any type of rigging challenge.

The LineScale-3 specs:

• Massive strength: 30kN WLL, 90kN (official) MBS, tested to 110kN max. until break

• Unique safety: PPE & UIAA certified to 25kN!

• Compact size: 190x90mm, 20mm thin, and super light: only 520g

• Super speed: max. scan rate of 1280Hz for screen, USB, and onboard logs (640Hz optional)

• Flexible connectivity: Bluetooth BLE 5.0 smart phone app w. 10Hz (power save) and 40Hz (BT fast)

• Unmatched smartness: saves up to 50 hours of logs on-board (230 million data points)

• Optional overwrite of oldest onboard log file for infinite logging until manual stop

• Onboard logs download to USB flash drive (auto upload to stick on plug-in)

• 1280Hz high speed live logging via USB connection & included pro software

• Energy saving, high performance 72MHz Arm® 32-bit Cortex®-M3 CPU w. custom designed PCB

• OLED monochrome white graphical display

• Break proof 1.5mm polycarbonate protective screen

• Rechargeable 1600mAh Li-Po battery with up to 50 hours continual operation

• Micro-USB ports for battery charging, PC connection, flash drive log download, and firmware update

• Body milled from one solid block of LY12CZ (high-tensile aviation aluminum)

• Huge cross-load proof attachment eyes w. rounded edges

• IP65 rain & splash water resistant, dust-proof

• Anodized in the LineGrip unique & discrete misty-copper-grey color

• Surface finished with an extra hard, durable, nonreflective satin shot-peen

*Protective case included*

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Digital Load Cell | LineScale 3 | LineGrip
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