This high quality bungee rope is selected to be used in acrobatic performances. It is very flexible with a high elongation ration. This bungee is recommended to make bungee packs


  • Roll of 100 meters / 330 foot

  • Weaved cotton sleeve

  • Multi-strands elastic core of natural latex

  • High quality control

  • Colour : Black


  • Rope systems holding a human loads should always  be approved by an engineer (of course rules vary depending on country)

  • Ropes deteriorate with time and use, and it is not always possible to detect such use visually. We highly recommend establishing regular inspection and replacement plans for any rigging items

  • Knots will Reduce the strength of Ropes

  • Always inspect ropes for kinks or broken core before use 

  • Do not step over rope

  • Always store Dry and in safe and regulated humidity conditions 

  • Always consider a Design Factor/Working Load for your system. The maximum load of the rope for human rigging should never exceed the 25 % (European Standard) or 20 %(American Standard) of the rope's minimum breaking load

  • Always take in consideration Dynamic Loads for human rigging (acceleration and deceleration charges which will multiply the loads applied)

 Technical specifications

  • Rope diameter : 3/8 ‘ – 10 mm

  • Core: 45 Strands of of natural latex rubber

  • Sleeve : 40 ply cotton 40/2

  • Breaking load : 67 Lb – 30 daN

  • 0.7 Once per feet. / 52.9 g/m (plus or minus 10%)

One roll can make usually make 2 bungee sets of less than 10 meters.

o    The amount of bungee needed depends on the weight of users and height/length of bungee used

o    We estimate that: 1 Roll of 10mm Bungee can make

§  2 sets of Bungees for 10 m / 30' high set for 2 artists of less than 60 kg

§  1 set of bungee for more than 10m or 2 artists at 30' of more than 60 kg

§  Buy 2 rolls for higher use or heavier artists. In any case, bungees need to be replaced frequently so you almost never have too much!























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Bungee (acrobatic) cord/rope - 10mm in Bungee by CircusConcepts

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