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How it Works (explanatory video)

The unique counter-weight arbour system contained within the butterfly lift case is fully adjustable to match the weight of the performers(s). In addition to the offset provided by the counterweight, a 2:1 mechanical advantage is also achieved by the system. The combination of the counterweight and mechanical advantage amplifies the input force from the operator and reduces the effort required by the operator to fly a performer. The adjustable arbour can accommodate traditional stage weights as well as improvised ballast such as concrete or sand bags.


·         Replaces more expensive and complicated motorized winches

·         Provides engineered and tested safety that will be consistently applied to each performance despite the venue.

·         Base lock holds counter weight system when there is no performer and the system is unbalanced until the operator depresses the foot pedal releasing the locking mechanism.

·         All listed components (minus mounting board) fit within the case.

·         Durable case features wheels and handle for ease of transport and can be checked as luggage on flights.

·         2:1 mechanical advantage

·         Retractable payload line quickly raises and lowers apparatus independent of counterweight system.

·         A variety of weight can be used: standard theatre weights, sand bags or concrete bags.

RATINGS: Butterfly Lift components are designed to work as a system and are not rated individually. Use of Butterfly Lift components outside of the system is prohibited. System Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) = 4,000 lbf (17.7kN) Working Load Limit (WLL*): 350 lb (158 kg). (Static weight of performers and apparatus) Maximum Total Counterweight = 350 lb (158 kg) Maximum differential between payload and total counterweight must be less than 90 lb (40 kg) *Working Load Limit is based on about an 11:1 static system design factor, you must decide if this is sufficient or if you need to reduce your Working Load Limit (WLL).  

Butterfly lift – Standard Package (BL1)

Accommodate house ceilings up to 40’ high

·         Head Block

o    Slewing payload block with fiber rope sheave (wire rope kit available)

o    Operating line double block

o    Payload line pass-through Becket

·         Handled case with wheels

o    Adjustable arbour rack

o    Top and bottom arbour block

o    Payload line yoke

·         Base lock assembly

o    Base rope lock with foot pedal

o    Rope tensioner

o    Folding base plate

o    Payload loft block with fibber rope sheave (Wire rope kit available)

·         120’ - 5/8’’ operating line

o    Double braid poly-poly

o    5/8’’ (16mm)

o    Tensile: 14 400 lbs

o    Weight @ 120’: 15 lbs

o    2-4 % Elongation

·         120’ - 7/16 static payload line

o    Double braid poly/poly

o    7/16 (11mm)

o    Tensile: 6 600 lbs

o    Weight @ 120’ 7.7 lbs

o    2-4 % Elongation


Technical specifications

·         BFL Case weight with components: 70 lb

·         Base and bag: 30 lbs

·         Total rope weight (2): 22.7 lbs

·         Operating Line: 5/8’’ diameter X 120 ‘

·         Payload Line: 7/16’ diameter X 120’

·         Max Ballast Weight: 300 lbs

·         Max Load: 300 lbs (human weight) 500 lbs (non-live load)

·         Min Operating Height: House height -10’

·         Max Operating Height: 40’


Butterfly Lift – 60‘House Option (BL1-60)

Suitable for rigging height up to 60’

·         Replace operation line with 180’

·         Weight: 22.5 lbs

·         Replace payload line with 180’

·         Weight: 11.5 lb

·         Max operating Height: 60 ‘


1.     Base Ballast Kit

The base ballast kit includes size heavy duty PVS bags capable of holding 40-80 lb bags of concrete. Large handles sewn into loops of webbing that encircle the bag assist in moving the large weight when needed. Kit produces up to 480 lb of weight on the base of the butterfly lift.

·         6 concrete bags in each kit

·         4 cam buckle straps

2.     Arbor Ballast Kit

Custom sized sandbags fit the inside of the Butterfly lift case for ease of adjusting to the weight of the performer. Sandbags are made from heavy duty PVC material and close snugly at the top with a 1’’ strip of Velcro. Each bag fills with approximately 18 lb of sand to create a total possible arbour weight of 180 lb.

·         10 custom-sized sand bags in each kit

3.     Wire Rope Payload Kit

The wire Rope Payload Kit allows for the connection of a wire rope payload line to the Butterfly Lift. Includes a stopper and two steel sheaves necessary to operate the lift with the wire rope. Wire rope not included. Working with wire rope requires proper training and should only be attempted by qualified individuals.

·         Wire rope sheave for slewing head block

·         Wire rope sheave for payload loft block

·         Wire rope yoke adaptor

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