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Model: LC2-XPaints
Solid steel aerial ring for recreational and professional users. All our double point rings models are "IPSF certified"Wondering what would be the best size ring for your ? Visit our blog how to measure your aerial ring size?Features:Made out of SOLID steel rodDouble (2) attachment pointsFinish..
349.00 $CAD 449.00 $CAD

Model: G063BA00
The Paw rigging plate can be used to organize a workstation and to set up multi-anchor systems. The hole design allows ropes or slings to be threaded for direct connection. Made of forged aluminum, it offers an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.Technical Specifications:Weight: 180 gBreaking Strengt..
52.49 $CAD 74.99 $CAD

Model: P58 XSO
Compact gated swivelThe compact, openable MICRO SWIVEL is designed for attachment to a locking carabiner. It helps prevent twisting of lanyards and allows correct positioning of devices. Its design without bearings allows it to turn freely when not loaded and to stop moving when loaded in order to m..
69.00 $CAD 89.00 $CAD

Model: BL
Aerial Silk / Light Stretch is quite static and has nearly no stretch. It is ideal for beginners because it's easier to climb compared to more stretchy fabric. The lack of stretch makes it less ideal for high level performance since the shock loads of drops are not dampened by the fabric and are pas..
63.17 $CAD 105.28 $CAD

Model: P53-D
Rock Exotica pulleys are lightweight pulleys designed to handle human weight. Their products are made in the USA and their high quality standards are recognized worldwide.Informative video of the Omni Block series: ..
209.00 $CAD 299.00 $CAD

Model: LPXX
A nice twist on the standard aerial ring, This ring pivots horizontally to give you more possibilitiesFeatures: Rod Diameter:  7/8" inch OR 22 mmRing Weight: 21 pounds OR 9.5 kgInside Diameter: 35.7 inches OR 90.6 cm (Standard. We can make any ID you want on request)Outside diameter: ..
999.99 $CAD 1,249.99 $CAD

Springboard | Teeterboard | Wooden Board Purchase Springboard | Teeterboard | Wooden Board Purchase
1 - 2 Weeks
Model: AT20
The Teeterboard is a powerful apparatus to allow continuous jumps or very high exits, used in circus.Our model is 10 feet (3m05) long . Wooden plank. Because of the nature of the wood, no teeterboard is like it's sibling but we have a great model.Korean Board is like the main picture, Spring board i..
4,999.00 $CAD 5,999.00 $CAD

Model: RP22
Technical specifications:The lightest high performance 3-holed plate. Weighs less than a locking carabiner.General information: Color : red Material : Aluminum Certification : CE Breaking strength = 36 KN Size (IMPERIAL SYSTEM): Height = 3.7'' Width = 3" Thickness = 2.6" Holes Diame..
129.00 $CAD 179.00 $CAD

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