Cube Aerien

Cube Aerien
< p > Cubes aériennes servent de trapèzes personnes multi. CircusConcepts Manifactures qualité aériennes cubes pour artistes. & nbsp ; < /p >

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Cube Aerien

Cube Aerien

Cube Aérien permettant plusieurs artistes de performer en même temps des routines de trapèze. Ce cu..

1 614,60 $ CAD

Maillon Rapide 5/16'' - approuvé charge humaine

Maillon Rapide 5/16'' - approuvé charge humaine

Ce maillon rapide est le plus fréquemment utilisé pour gréer nos équipements aériens.Note : approuv..

8,50 $ CAD

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Antti Säynätmäki 22/06/2013

Hi, I just got the wheel and armed it. Everything seems to be ok, playing with the wheel is so much fun I'm really happy now I decided to buy it :) It's even better than I expected. Everything is good quality and the golf bag modification is really nice too. I will recommend these wheels to everyone who wants one. Thanks for the t-shirt aswell!..

Daniel Blunk 30/01/2010

I have justed started doing Cyr Wheel but I´m realy satisfied with the Ring, have seen some Rings from a German producer but I like yours way more. (yours is more Shine) Just can give anybody the advice to get the ring from your Place, also you take care about your customer service Just great...

John W. 08/05/2016

Hi Hugo, Just wanted to send you an update that I absolutely LOVE the canes! They are extremely stable and sturdy - great job on building them. I've been practicing pretty much daily and having a lot of fun with them. They are much easier to jump up onto than I was expecting, and I didn't realize how much the blocks actually assist in balancing once I'm up. Thanks again for such good work!..