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Aerial Spirals, Bubbles, Cubes, & More

Model: AS03
Elevate your aerial performance with our aerial spiral. Crafted by professionals in our shop, this durable and versatile apparatus is available in the color of your choice. It comes in two parts for easy transportation, making it a unique and convenient addition to your repertoire. Engineer-certifie..
3,200.00 $CAD
Model: AC10
The Aerial Cube is a common circus prop that allows multiple users to perform trapeze tricks at the same time. The cube can be painted any colour or even special finish looks (Rusted metal or anything) on request. Our version is a lightweight, very dismantlable version for artists. ..
2,214.72 $CAD
Custom | Aerial Bubble | Polycarbonate Custom | Aerial Bubble | Polycarbonate
8 - 10 Weeks
Model: CUAB03
Our aerial bubbles are engineer certified and made of polycarbonate, not acrylic, thus they are much stronger and scratch resistant.You can read about the high quality difference here: build them in such a way that they are support..
0.00 $CAD
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