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Model: TA30_CC
The strongest, safest and most stable freestanding aerial rig on the market. It does not require any ground anchorages, and can be set-up by a single person. The ACHILLE  is highly recommended for artists that travel, with a total weight of 165 lbs - 69 kg for the full 24'/ 7.3m version&nb..
3,969.06 $CAD
Chinese Pole | Static Pole Anchored Chinese Pole | Static Pole Anchored
4 - 5 weeks
Model: MA_KIT
The Static Chinese poles are top quality designed to help artists reach their full potential in this common circus discipline. We have two sizes available, which are the Standard model and the Long model.The picture of the Chinese pole above with Artist Andreas Bartl has a custom top attachment. If ..
2,857.68 $CAD
HOME Quadripod HOME Quadripod
4 - 5 weeks
Model: QS11
15 Feet of height to try all you want! Can also be set at 7.5 ft , and 11.5 ft Our HOME Quadripod is designed to be economical, for Light to Medium duty aerial work, with high stability, high load rating and easy to transport.Features:Very lightweight - 80 lbs / 36 kg total weight Non rust..
2,000.99 $CAD
PRO Handstand Kit PRO Handstand Kit
3 - 4 weeks
Model: CKXX
This is a high quality kit for semi-professional and professional Handstand Artists. It is an affordable option compared to a custom made base. It is small, sturdy and adjustable. It comes with 2 fixed handstand platforms and one on a one way bearing for spinning tricks. This model is designed for p..
2,271.48 $CAD
Aerial Pole | Aerial Chinese Pole Aerial Pole | Aerial Chinese Pole
8 to 10 weeks
Model: MN10
The Aerial Pole is a different version of Chinese pole that is conceived to be used mostly in the air. It is not made to be rigged to the ground.FeaturesFully collapsible into 3 pieces that can be taken on the planeThe pole can be used in 2, 3 or 4 parts, making a pole of 8', 12' or 16' long (2.44 m..
1,525.18 $CAD
Aerial silk | Medium stretch Aerial silk | Medium stretch
5 to 8 Business Days
Model: BM
Our Silks are sold PER yard, please make sure to read below to be sure you order the correct length."A minimum order of 9 yards is required. "High quality aerial fabric that can stretch in both directions and provides a great bounce for larger drops and skills. Usually used by professionals due to t..
22.86 $CAD
Aerial Straps | PRO Velvet® | 9'-2.75m Aerial Straps | PRO Velvet® | 9'-2.75m
1 - 2 Weeks
Model: SV01
High quality Velvet covered Aerial straps! The most comfortable straps on the market.Recommended for individual artists.Features:Sold in pairsEngineer certified and testedSuper soft coveringA pair of choke loops includedColor Options BlackCharcoal GreyNavy Blue (+40CAD)Beige (+40CAD)Red(+40CAD)..
349.78 $CAD
Anchor | Floor Anchor Plate Anchor | Floor Anchor Plate
5 to 8 Business Days
Model: RP10A100
Floor anchor plates1 point attachment anchor plate to fix to the floor. Comes with 2 bolts ½ ‘’ Technical specificationsColor: BlackCapacity: 6000 PoundsPlate dimensions: 152 mm X 51 mm X 9.75 mmBolt holes diameter: 15.5 mmAttachment point diameter: 17.5 mm Th..
134.42 $CAD
Model: CS12
This is the base adapter/socket to use with CircusConcepts 3/4'' (19 mm) diameter canes.Install this adapter into any base that you want to use your canes with. It is made with the highest grade 316L Stainless steel in order to avoid blackening. This adapter is only compatible with CircusConcepts 3/..
116.60 $CAD
Model: Crimps-Bungee
"C" Clips or Hog Rings can be used to crimp bungees together to assemble bungee kits.  They are galvanized and pointed at the ends. To set the crimps you will need to buy the installation tool, sold separately. Here is the link for our PRO PLIERS- installation tool Technical specifications : Cr..
23.32 $CAD
The Ultra light Carbon Chinese Pole, part of our line of Static Poles, is a top quality pole to help the performers achieve their best in this common circus discipline. This model is designed for the travelling artist, to save on luggage fees and make travel life more enjoyable!Features:Very light a..
6,516.72 $CAD
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