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LED Cyr Wheels

Replacement LED strips for Luminous LED Cyr WheelWith the purchase of a LED Cyr wheel, you get an extra strip of LED lights.  Although, there may come a time when you need more!  These replacement LED strips are exclusively for Circus Concepts Luminous LED Wheel 2.0. They are quick and eas..
71.33 $CAD

Model: LEDRouter_CC
Router for LED Cyr Wheel. This Router is to control LED for our cyr wheel.A similar router is provided with your initial purchase of our LED Cyr Wheel.Please contact us for more information and questions. We will gladly help you...
0.00 $CAD

This antenna upgrade package will allow your wheel to have a better, more reliable connection on previously sold 1.2k LED WheelsFeatures:-        Up to two times better reception compared to previous antenna models.-       &..
80.00 $CAD

Model: RL12
This is our latest model of LED Wheel, made of the most advanced LED technology available.This new model has 2 Strips of LEDs, has the capability of displaying logos and anything you want with a very high refresh rate (256 mHz), thanks to a collaboration with Lightrix Europe! We are using a cu..
6,720.54 $CAD

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