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Model: CKXX
This is a high quality kit for semi-professional and professional Handstand Artists. It is an affordable option compared to a custom made base. It is small, sturdy and adjustable. It comes with 2 fixed handstand platforms and one on a one way bearing for spinning tricks. This model is designed for p..
2,271.48 $CAD

Model: acrylic_base_custom
This acrylic handstand base looks amazing on stage due to its reflective and transparent properties. Available with or without a carrying handle.Base dimensions: Length : 28 inches / 70 cm Width : 23,7 inches / 60 cm Height : 1,5 inch / 3,8 cm Carrying handle dimensions: Length..
1,499.00 $CAD

Model: CEXX
Our Training Handstand kit is the ideal tool to learn handstands, but good looking enough to perform withDid you know that it's easier to hold handstands on theses than on the ground? The principle is simple, the flexibility of the poles and attachments give you a 'wider' range of balance, so you c..
250.00 $CAD

Model: TCXX
After high demand for this contortion table, we have decided to make it a standard, in stock item instead of a custom item! We still make Custom contortion tables.If you are looking for a CUSTOM contortion table please follow this link: Custom Contortion TableFeatures:Sleek Chrome look to amaze..
3,836.81 $CAD

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