Why A Circusconcepts Pole is Your Best Investment

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There are a few Chinese Pole manifacturers on the market, but today, we will explain you why our poles are the one you should choose


Tested and Optimised#2 –

The Ideal Covering#3 –

The best joints#4 – Ligter poles – You'll save money every trip.

#5 -- Comes with Plug and Play options. Do you want it on bearing? You can... You want it 12' long...you can..

.#6 – Cheaper than european equivalent, even if you buy it in europe from us in Canada!

#7 – Great custommer service and our 30 days Guaranteed Satisfaction policySee why here below:

#1 – Tested and Optimised We have spends a fortune on prototypes and testing of our poles to find the perfect combinaire between lenght, stiffness, number of joint and covering grip.

#2 – The ideal covering – stickyness versus slides and costumes We have made our homework, and found out the exact hardness and thickness of rubber so that you won't slip when doing a static tric, and will have enough grip to save you when landing dynamic trics, while still not being too sticky. A too sticky pole will make it hard to control slides, and will rip apart your clothing and costumes. On top of this, it will get damaged and wear more easily if it's too soft. We have tested the right combinaison. We even control the way the rubber is applied on the pole to have a constant sliding control on the pole.

#3 – The best joints Our greatest improvement in poles are our joints. They remove no stiffness and a failsafe. It was common knowledge that the more joints a pole has, the less stiff it becomes. Thanks to our research and developpement program on chinese poles, we have developped a joint that does not decrease the stiffness of the pole. We have tested it by putting a one piece steel tube of the same thickess as our pole, next to one of our 5 piece pole. We then applied 200 lbs of pressure in the middle of both poles. They both had exactly the same bend. Our 5 sections poles was as rigid as a one piece pole. Also, we have designed our joints to avoid any possible 'jammed joints', which was quite common in joints that where screwed in. No poles of this model have been impossible to unscrew. Sometimes it was hard to unscew due to use not as the user manual, but the right lever unjammed it. But, just in case, we also have added our new EJAC system to our pole. If you activate it, there is no need to unscrew the pole anymore and you can just slide the joint out without turning it, which also allows for the use of a hammer on the head of the pole to 'unlock' any molecular connection between the steel( this is what causes the 'freezing' )

#4 – Lighter poles – You'll save money every trip! Our poles are made of a specific and more expensive steel alliage that is harder and stiffer, so that we can have a thinner wall and a lighter pole. This is great when you have to move the pole around, and especially for plane travel. The whole pole including the rigging kit fits in 2 standard size luggage for the plane, and it even comes in 2 boxes so that you can already travel with theses boxes as checked in luggage. We do recommend that you change theses cardboard boxes for a more long lasting solution. Most other poles are too heavy to be packed in 2 standard luggage. Here is an example of the costs of travelling with a CircusConcepts Chinese pole versus other models. Buy from us and you will save! CircusConcepts Chinese Pole – 2 Pieces of luggage, not over size, less than 50lbs/23kg each Most Other Chinese pole – 3 pieces of luggage of 23 kg / 50 lbs or 2 overweight pieces( and often oversize too ) Cost to travel To Europe with most airlines( luggage fees have been standardised in the last year) Allowance: 1 free bag, 2nd bag for 75 EUR / 100 $ , 3rd bag for 175 EUR / 250$ , Overweight 100 EUR / 150$ , Over size 75 EUR / 100$Total cost to travel with a CircusConcepts Pole: 2nd Checked in bag extra fee: 100$TOTAL: 100$Total Cost to travel with most other pole models: Option 1 – 3 bags of less than 50 lbs 2nd Checked in bag extra fee: 100$ / 75 EUR 3rd Checked in bag extra fee: 250$ / 175 EUR Total: 350$ / 250 EUR Option 2 – 2 bags between 50-70 Lbs / 23-32 kg 2nd Checked in Bag extra fee: 100$ / 75 EUR2 * overweight extra fee: 200$ / 150 EUR Total: 300$ / 225 EUR And this is for EACH way. You will then save an average of 450$ per return trip by travelling with one of our poles!If the other pole is over size, you will save over 900$ per trip by using a CircusConcepts Pole. #5 - Plug and play options

There is a few options you can choose when you select one of our Chinese poles.

One option is the lengths, and number of sections. 4 pieces poles are 18' high, and more stiff. Perfect for Solo Work.

5 pieces poles a 19' 6" -- Longer, made more for duo work, but also has more possible lengths to work with( as our poles can be assembled in any length you want... )

An other option is the Super light rigging kit. Want to save a bit on weight, Dyneema rigging line are extremely small, solid and lightweight.

Last but not least, coming up soon( we are testing it to ensure it works well ) we have created a 'Plug and Play' Bearing attachment, so that you can transport your pole into one that can be used fixed, or spinning on bearings. Older models can also be modified for this use...

#6 – Cheaper than European equivalent First, there are no models really that similar to our poles. But, if you live in Europe, the nearest high quality equivalent in Europe will cost you more to buy, than to buy one of our poles and get it shipped to you. And, there are no equivalent for the quality of rubber covering that we make in Canada. I had personally made some research, and in Europe, just to get the same covering made would cost more than the price we sell the whole pole.... #7 – Great customer service We are known for making the best products, and we offer the best customer service before and after sales. Just contact us any time with questions or issues and we will help you in the best way possible. Also, all of our standard products come with a 30 days guaranteed satisfaction policy. If you are not happy with your product, send it back to us and we will reimburse you the price of the item.

Last update: Dec 08, 2017

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