Troubleshooting the dissasembly of chinese poles

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Today i'm making an article on how Troubleshoot the dissasembly of a CircusConcepts chinese pole, if your having trouble with one joint that you cannot unscrew. This seldom happends, but when it does, it can be trouble.

The way our pole joints are made, they 'lock' together once assembled by molecule attraction. Luckily, the finish is never perfect enough to get a full strenght 'lock'. The layer of Anti-Seize also prevents that.  But, sometimes, some joint are too 'perfect' and will lock harder than others.  

First, I'd like to remind you that the secret to always have a really easy time to screw in and unscrew you pole, is to always make sure there is Anti-Seize grease on the Conic part of the joint, on the straight part, and on the fillets in the joint. 

Make sure there is always enough, and that it'S free from any foreign objects. Especially the straight part. If there are dirt or metal piece or anything, wipe off the grease and objects with a rag, and put new grease. Don't be afraid to put a bit more, and take off the extra before finishing to close the joint so it does not go on the rubber.

Now, here is how to unscrew it if 2 people cannot unscrew it by hand easily.

First I will give you one trick. If this one doesn't work, an extra one, and so on.
Once you've cleared the joint, if you notice that the same joint is always hard to open, see this article on how to modify sligthly the joint to make it easier to open each time.

Before starting, make sure you have unlocked the joints by unscrewing the small set screw about 4” / 9cm from the joint towards the bottom of the pole.

#1 Trick – Creating a Lever

With a lever big enough, a man can raise the Earth.

What you need:
-2x strap ratchets( most often came with the rigging kit )
-Ideally two 2x4 piece of wood( or any object that is ideally flat on one side and long, and strong ), if not you can use an other section of the pole but it's not ideal. . 

So indeed, with one good lever you can have more strenght than 10 of your friends. To create a lever on the pole, without damaging the covering and with what you have on hands, we will use the strap ratchets. Take a one of the straps from the strap ratchet, without the ratchet. Fold it in half to make a 'loop' with it. Place this loop over one of piece of pole, in a way what it hangs 5-6 cm down on one side. Now wrap the loose ends around the pole 5-6 times. 

Insert the end of the 2”x4” piece of wood, or other piece in the 'loop' initally created. You can use there any object. The ideal object would be flat on one side, to have the largest contact surface with the rubber and avoir crushing it too much.

Now, once done with one section, do the same with the next section, but wrapping the strap in the opposite way. 

Now push boths levers in opposite direction until the joints unscrews. Once the first quarter turn is done, you should be able to unscrew it easily by hand.

If you cannot unscrew it directly after by hand, that means there is a piece of metal stuck either in the fillets or in the straight part of the joint. Make sure to clean it and that there is enough anti-seize left. 

See how to do it here:

#2 – You have tried to first option and it didn't unscrew.

What you need:
-2 Chairs

Leave the lever you have created previously on the pole. You'll need it again.

Place the stuck sections together, with each end on a chair, horizontally. 

Put both hands on the joint, and press down with all your weight. Turn the pole 90 degres, do the same push with the hand. Repeat until you've done a complete turn.

Now try to unscrew the joint again with the lever. 

#3 – You have tried the first and second option, and it still does not work. 

If your pole has a serial number on top of the top plate, and it was purchased after Febuary 2014, see the 'related articles' below for the article about our new 'EJAS' system. 

What you need:
-WD-40 or ideally, De-Gripper aerosol liquids

It must be pretty well stuck. If the first option does not work, it's a bad start. You probably have only one section stuck. 

First, remove completely the set-screw that normally locks the rotation when assembled. 

Then, take the pole to make it upside down( so that the 'male' connectors, the one sticking out that you put the white protectors on ) are at the TOP of the sections . 

Shoot a little bit of the De-Gripper or WD-40 in the hole from the set screw. Put the pole a bit at angle so it stays in there, and turn the pole slowly for 360 degrees, so that the WD-40 penetrates all around the joint. Repeat until the joint is full. 

Wait 1 hours ideally. Do trick number #3, then try to use trick #1 again. If it does not work, repeat the action with the WD-40 again, and wait an other hour. 

It should now unscrew correctly. 

#4 – You have tried all of the above. Contact us: [email protected] 

See also our article about the EJAS – Emergency Joint Aperture Conception on our new pole models. 
Last update: Dec 22, 2017

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