Terms, Conditions, International Duty and tax fees.

PayPal Fee


PayPal is the best payment method over the internet for security, and for its Buyer's and Seller's protection. PayPal offers you to pay with your credit card or your bank. The fee from PayPal is of an average of 2.91%, which we charge to the customer to use this service. For payment of less than 1500$, it is still cheaper than most bank transfers. 



Taxes, Customs and Duty fees


Normally, Circus Equipment is free of any Duties. To be sure, ask your local customs office about your countries regulation. See below about taxes:


Local Order:

TPS and TVQ will be charged for all orders within the province of Québec, Canada (already included in the total)


Canadian Orders:

TPS will be charged for all orders within Canada (already included in the total)


USA Orders and customs regulations:

For USA orders, it is an export, so we do not charge you any taxes. As from the Free Trade agreement, any of our products, which are manufactured in Canada, there are no customs fees or special taxes that apply. From our experience, the receiver does not usually have to pay import or your local taxes, but it might be that you are charged your local sales tax, but this has proven very seldom until now for orders of less than 10 000$.


International Orders and customs regulations (other than USA):

For international orders, it is an export, so we do not charge you any taxes. But, your country's local custom authorities should charge you your local sales tax. If you are a business, sales tax can be deducted. If you are a particular you will have to pay your local tax on top of the item's price, just like when you buy any item in your local hardware store. Your local custom agency will contact you to obtain payment of this tax before completing shipment. 

The Russian Federation orders and regulations:

For orders shipping to Russia, due to russian regulations the order MUST be shipped to a business address in Russia. If the order is shipped to a personal address it will be returned to us due to russian laws on importing goods (return fees are at the customers expense if returned due to this reason). If you are a business, please make sure to write your business name and address for importing the goods and there should be no problem. If you are an individual without a business address, you will NOT be able to have your order shipped to you in Russia.  



We DO NOT accept request to send goods as gifts or as used goods returned to users. We obey to the international regulations.


If you are unsure about this point, contact your local Custom authorities.






CircusConcepts inc. Offers its products with the terms, conditions and notices as follow:


Terms of use

By adding this product to your cart and/or purchasing it, you agree to the following terms and conditions, Obligations, Use, Warranty and Limitation of Liability. This product is conditioned upon your acceptance without modifications of the terms, conditions and notices contained.



Circusconcepts products are to be used only for the purpose intended, by trained users and under proper supervision.



Circusconcepts products are professional products that are intended for properly trained and qualified participants.

It is the user responsibility to ensure that the equipment is properly installed and in perfect working condition before using it. It is the user responsibility to use the product as recommended and to ensure that they have the proper qualifications, training, instructions and recommendations of use. If more info is needed regarding usage, please contact Circusconcepts directly: [email protected]

It is the user/owner responsibility to keep the product in its optimal state by making all recommended adjustments and verifications periodically.

The user must use the product according the user manual provided with the item. If the user has not received a user manual, he must contact CircusConcepts and obtain one before using the product.



The product is under warranty for one (1) year against any manufacturing defects, granted it is used, transported and stored under normal and recommended circumstances. Circusconcepts will be the only judge as whether the warranty conditions are respected.


Limitation of liability

The use of circus props has an inherent danger associated to it. Circusconcepts (or it owners, associate, employees or anyone related to its business) is not to be held responsible of any injuries, death, material or property damage sustained through the use or misuse of any equipment or accessories, whether is a product manufactured by Circusconcepts or by one of its manufacturers. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that the product in perfect condition before each use , and therefore, Circusconcepts (or it owners, associate, employees or anyone related to its business) cannot be held responsible under any circumstances for injuries, death, material or property damage sustained event in the possibility that a manufacturing defect was in cause.

When the Items are handed over to the carrier they are no longer under the responsibility of CircusConcepts.


Other Statements

This disclaimer is valid for the lifetime of the product. This disclaimer is valid in Canada and any other country where the products might be brought, used or sent.


Modifications of Terms and Conditions

CircusConcepts reserve the rights to change terms, conditions and notices.