5$ Store credit for the first 100 Reviews!

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5$ for something that will take you 3 minutes. That's 100$ an hour!

How to participate and receive your credit?

Very easy. Go to shop.circusconcepts.com (your already there if you read this) and find the item you've purchased in the past using the top right SEARCH button, or navigating troug the categories.

Once on the items itself, see the description. On top of it, there is tab named REVIEWS.

Simply click on this Tab and fill out the Write a Review - and you'r done!


Conditions of participation:

*You have to have purchase the item in the past

*Credit will be give to the first 100 reviews only - but don't worry, you'll probably be in the first 100 as we don't have that many custommers!

*The review has to complete and comprehensive

*The review has to state the name on the order so we can trace it!

How to claim you credit

There is nothing to do. Simply write a review. We will monitor the new reviews and go to add your store credit on your account within a few days after you posted your review.

How to use the store credit

Store credit will be automaically credit on your next order!


Any questions or issues? Contact us trough the Contact form!

Thank you to all in advance

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Last update: Dec 07, 2017


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