Safety Alerts / Safety Recalls

This page is to share any safety concerns on products we produce and distribute.

Since we distribute devices that hold human life, safe props are very important to us!

Remember that all aerial equipment made of natural fibers have a 5 years lifetime. Items should be discarded after 5 years. 

31 August 2016 


Chinese Poles MA11, and MA21

All Chinese poles from CircusConcpets manufactured between June 2013 and July 2016 must be re-called for inspection and or securisation  due to possible long term fatigue failure.

This problem has been resolved on any newer pole models.

Please see here the complete article about the recall

16th December 2016

ROCK EXOTICA  Load Cell ENFORCER Product Recall / Modification

All LOAD CELL ENFORCER manfactured before 2nd August 2016 have a safety recall. Read more about the Recall here:

And pllease follow the appropriate steps to get your load cell secured with Rock Exotica.

We have contacted all of our clients who are first owner of such a cell sold by us.

End of safety alers and re-calls.