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Russian Swing | Custom

Russian Swing | Custom
Russian Swing | Custom
Russian Swing | Custom
Russian Swing | Custom
Russian Swing | Custom
Russian Swing | Custom
8 - 10 Weeks
Russian Swing | Custom
Russian Swing | Custom
Russian Swing | Custom
Russian Swing | Custom
Russian Swing | Custom
Russian Swing | Custom

The Russian Swing is a very fun apparatus with soft take offs and great air time. It is widely used in the circus domain.

Many different models exist, but usually only the pivot to platform distance, and the form of the platform varies.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please contact us at about shipping fees. This is an heavy item and our website can only make approximate estimations on the shipping.

Here is one example of Russian swing in use (note on this video we use a Advanced Model )


* Note: The below information is general and from experience to help you uderstand the needs into water. It does not represent a guide and maximum safety measures should always be observed.

  1. What is the needed depth and space for jumps into water?
    If used into water, the distance and depth needed depends on the skills of the jumpers and their level. We recommend 20' depth at least, and 15 meters length minimum. Note that a person flying is ABLE to go farther than 15 meters, so one must practice progressively if distance is restricted, until take off distance is controlled.  Jumps, foot first into water can be kept under 10' depth if 'scooping' technique is used (consult a professional to learn it)
  2. What height can the flyer go?
    The height depends on the flyers weight, dynamism , the number and weight of pushers,  and the synchronism of the team on the platform. You depart from the swing already at around 2m30 high. Beginners will go around 5m high,  and skilled flyers can go up to 12m high with this swing. 
  3. How must we attach the swing in place?
    You will need 2 strong anchor points, or 4.  The most simple is 2 times 2"( 5cm ) strap ratchets of 5000 LBS (2272 KG)  breaking load that are at least 2 feet outside of the legs of the swing, in the middle (see pictures). You need to tighten theses VERY hard to avoid movement of the swing. If possible, we recommend to rig it onto 4 corner points. We recommend putting rubber pads under the legs to avoid front to back sliding, if using only 2 strap ratchets. You can also put anchors on the legs, the swing is designed for that also.


  • Easy to use
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Corrosion resistant paint
  • Strong and durable
  • Can make the flyer go up to 12m high

Technical specifications:


  • To be confirmed ( estimated around 550 Lbs, 250 kg ) 


  • Carbon Steel, Tempered Steel, Cast Iron


  • Pusher Foot Hooks -- For complete rotations around the pivot or for high swings before take off, the pusher might want to have something to keep his foot from going off the platform (very dangerous).
  • Optional Angled Platform in the front

Any other questions? Contact us, we'll gladly help you!

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Russian Swing | Custom
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