The Vectran is an excellent rope for acrobatic rigging due to its small size yet high strength, and capacity to go through small pulleys.

Sold per Increment of 1 METERS-- Minimum order length of 5 meters.

If you need more than 50 meters, please combine two lengths to get the desired length (we will not cut the rope in two :)). This method is the only way to offer you consistent shipping rates!



  • Very Light

  • Doesn't take much space

  • Black color for stage camouflage

  • Very High Strength for its size

  • Very little Stretch
  • Very high quality rope that has better resistance to heat (often created by fast rope movement into pulleys) than regular ropes



  • Always consult a professional Rigger for your rigging systems 

  • Do not  use knots on 12 Stand

  • Different Slicing Techniques will reduce the capacity of a rope

  • Always inspect ropes for kinks or broken strands before use 

  • Do not step of rope.

  • Always store in dry, safe and regular humidity conditions 

  • Always consider a Design Factor/Working Load for your system. The maximum load of the rope for human rigging should never exceed the 25 %( European Standard) or 20 % (American Standard) of the rope's minimum breaking load.

  • Always take in consideration Dynamic Loads for human rigging  (Acceleration and Deceleration will multiply the loads applied to the rigging)

 Technical specifications (ENG)

  • 1/8''  VECTRAN
  • Construction; 12 Strand
  • Color: Black

  • 2880 Lbs Minimum Breaking load 

  • Melting point:  626°F

Technical Specifications (METRIC)

  • 3.2 mm VECTRAN 
  • Construction; 12 Strand
  • Color: Black

  • 1300 Kg  Minimum Breaking load 

  • Melting point: 330°C

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Black 12 Strand Vectran 1/8''' by Atlantic Braid

  • 2.49 $ CAD

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