Rigging Methods for Studios and Freestanding Structures

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In this blog you will find some drawings and videos to help you understand the basic set up for rigging your circus props.

Schema #1 Basic Studio Rigging

Recommended if you want an economic set up, but do not plan to lift people up and down when using the props. 

Options needed:

- 1 X Basic Rope Kit See products

- 1 X Pin Rail See products

- 2 X Ronstan 64100 See products


- 2 X 74100 (Recommended 74100) See products

Schema #2 Standard/Recommended  Studio Rigging

options needed:

- 1 X Basic Rope Kit

- 1 X Pulley Block Kit See products

- 2 X Ronstan 64100 OR 74100 (recommended 74100)

We also recommend getting a Pin Rail.  Especially if you will have more than one point set up.

Each point should be set up the same way, but one point only usually has the Pulley Block. Other points are direct (like in the Basic Studio Set-up)

Schema # 3 Recommended Set up with Freestanding Tripod or Quadripod

Options needed:

- 1 X Basic Rope Kit

- 1 X Ronstan 74100 Pulley

- 1 X Pulley Block Kit

Schema #4 Basic Rigging for Tripod or Quadripod

options needed:

- 1 X Basic Rope Kit

Schema #5 Minimal Set Up for Tripod or Quadripod (Only if you are NOT using the pulley block for lifting the tripod)

Options needed:

- 1 X pulley Block Kit

Make sure swivel on the pulley is Un-LOCKED

Last update: May 07, 2018

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