Boxing Day Sale 2020!

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Coupon Code: CCBD10

How to use Coupon Code:

  1. Add the desired items to your cart
  2. View your cart
  3. Go to the section “use coupon code”
  4. Ender coupon code: CCBD10
  5. Click on “Checkout”
  6. Select your Free Gift (for orders more than 380$) and proceed to checkout
  7. At “Step 4” you will find a “comments” section.  Please  enter where you heard about our special here, along with your corresponding username, email or friends name (as stated below in the Terms & Conditions)
  8. Complete Checkout of your order!

If you do not have a discount at the checkout, it might be because at least one of your items is not eligible to the discount.  Look at the sales terms and conditions for more info.

Sale Terms and Conditions

  • The promotion is One Day ONLY, valid on December 26th 2020 (00:01AM to Midnight standard America EST time (GMT-5)) 
  • Cannot be combined with any other discount, promotion or special offer
  • Cannot be applied to past, current orders or orders placed after the promotion time.
  • Cannot be applied on custom items or the below list of excluded items

Items EXCLUDED from the Sale

Freestanding Aerial Rig Structure Achille (Tripod) - PRO FULL KIT

Freestanding Aerial Rig Structure ACHILLE ( Tripod ) kit

Freestanding Aerial Rig Structure HOME MAX, Adjustable Height 7.5ft to 15ft / 4.6m Quadripod

Freestanding Aerial Rig Structure HOME+ , Adjustable Height 7.5ft to 11.5ft / 3.5m Quadripod

Freestanding Aerial Rig Structure HOME, 7.5 ft / 2.7m Quadripod

PRO ULTRALIGHT Carbon Fiber Static Chinese Pole (anchored)

PRO Static Chinese Pole (anchored)

Static Chinese Pole (anchored) - CUSTOM MODEL

Aerial Pole / Aerial Chinese Pole / Rubberized / 16'

Aerial Pole / Aerial Chinese Pole / Rubberized / 12'

Juggling / Balance Equipment

CircusConcepts inc reserves the right to modify and adjust the sale price if the above terms and conditions are not respected.

Last update: Dec 28, 2020


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