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Buying the kit gives you 10% on the canes, base adapters and fixed handles!

This is a high quality kit for semi-professional and professional Handstand Artists. It is an affordable option compared to a custom made base. It is small, sturdy and adjustable. It comes with 2 fixed handstand platforms and one on a one way bearing for spinning tricks. This model is designed for performance, with polished stainless steel rods and thick hand platforms, and a good looking round base with 5 adjustable legs to ensure that it is always level.

If you cannot find how to make a kit that fits your needs (example, you need more than one one-way handle) - - Contact us and we will help you build your custom handstand kit!

Please note -If you are choosing a custom length (max 36'', 1'' canes), please make sure to specify which length (in inches) in the text box provided.

Features (Stainless steel rods, Flanges and Female Adapters):

·         Polished stainless steel rods will reflect the light and they look amazing in show lights or sunlight!

·         A specially designed taper rod that fixes itself quickly in the base but never 'jams' into the female adapters. You can easily insert them and take them out during your choreography

·         5 adjustable legs for stability and leveling

·         One way ball bearing Cane for rotating tricks, so you can spin!

·         2 Standard fixed Canes for stability.

·         Pre-stained base and Hand platforms (basic layer. We recommend adding layers or color on reception)

1.      First choose the base you want (cane adapter already installed):

·         Standard base


Technical specifications


                      ·         Base Diameter: 29.5 " / 79 cm

                    ·         Base Thickness: 1-3/8 " / 3.5 cm

                    ·         With 3 holes for canes adapters

                    ·        Distance between each canes: 13’’ center to center

·         Custom socket placement

         Same as Standard base, but your can choose a custom socket placement

·         Custom (size = 30’’ X 30’’)

        Everything custom as per your drawing. Max size 30 x 60 inches

·         Custom (size = 60’’ X 30’’)

2.      Then you need to choose the diameter and the length of the rod that you want: (you’ll get 3 rods of the same size)

·           Diameters available:

·         ¾ ‘’ cane (Cane length : 24'' ONLY)

·         1‘’ cane

o    Standard Length (Max 36'')

o    Custom Length – If you are choosing a custom length (max 36'', 1'' canes), please make sure to specify which length (in inches) in the text box provided to your right

3.      2 X Fixed rectangular handles (no selection needed)

4.      Lastly, choose 1 X Rotating rectangular handle:

1.        Pro handle One Way (choose between the options below)

o    Right Rotation without Lock

o    Right Rotation with Lock (+200$ CAD)

o    Left Rotation without Lock

o    Left Rotation With Lock (+200$ CAD)

"Currently Out of Stock of our multi-directional. We are currently working on an updated model, please contact us to know the delays"

ABOUT THE ONE WAY HANDLE: bearing type / with or without lock

You can get your rotating one way handle with or without a lock. The lock is placed under the cane and you need the use of BOTH hands to deactivate it, so it cannot be done while in handstand. The multi-directional handle offers that. Most people use a cane without a lock but we can add this lock to our handles if desired. As for the bearings available, we offer our standard one way bearing, which is very efficient, but if you spin the handle freely (without your weight on) it won't spin as long as with the super spinning bearing. While on handstand the feeling is similar for both.


Create your own 'creation' or kit for handstands!

It is designed to work on our standard 29.5" Diameter Base. You will have to provide us with a sketch of the cane placement you desire, including dimensions (center to center). Not all dimensions are possible; we will confirm the design and work with you to adjust if it is necessary.


Technical specifications:

Size (ENG)

·         29.5" Diameter base, fold-able for ease of transportation (folds in two, has lock for open position when in use)

·         Hand Platform dimensions: 3-5/8" x 5-1/8" x 1-7/8" Thick

·         13" Center to center of the canes (should be within 3" more or less of your shoulder/shoulder joint's distance)



·         75 cm Diameter Base fold-able for ease of transportation

·         Hand platform dimensions: 9,2×13×4,75 cm thick

·         33 cm Center to center of the Canes (should be within 75 mm more or less of your shoulder/shoulder joint's distance)


Shipping / Transport Size:

·         ENG:1 box 35'' x 15'' X 5''  - total weight 45 Lb (36" Cane model)

·         METRIC: 1 box of 89×44×10 cm – total weight of 20,5 KG (90 cm model)


·         Mirror polished Stainless Steel 316L

·         Maple Wood

·         Cheery Wood Plywood

·         Galvanized Steel parts (in base)


If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Handstand Kit PRO by CircusConcepts

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