Partnership with Ecole de Cirque de Québec

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It is important for us to stay on the cutting edge of innovation for the services and equipment that we provide to the Circus community. 

CircusConcepts is proud to announce a partnership with the École de Cirque de Québec to test and improve our new products.

This, we believe, will enable the next generation of Circus artists to have a direct role in helping advance our research on various products and apparatus’.

The students of the École de Cirque de Québec will have the chance to test many of our new prototypes and thus to give us their feedback and impressions on the improvements to be made to various products. They will therefore participate closely in our research to better understand the entire process that goes into the making and realization of Circus apparatus’, from design, safety testing and usage testing to the final product. 

In exchange, students from the École de Cirque de Québec will have access to a preferrential rate for in stock products, while the school will be able to keep some prototypes to increase their collection of circus props.

Here’s to a new alliance that will bring about many positive outcomes!


To the students of École de Cirque de Québec :

Please contact us to place your first order and we will create your account with your special discounts. You will then be able to place your orders directly from our website and your discount will be applied. 
Certain conditions apply*

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