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At CircusConcepts we are always thriving to offer you the latest products on the market and the ones you will need, that sometimes are hard to come by!

For example, good old Rosin, that makes an incredible hand grip, can be used to replace rubber on Chinese poles and is used in so many different ways.. well we now offer it in 3/4 cup bags for our customers to buy and enjoy.

We used to offer only the PRO Aerial fabric that has a lot of stretch... but we realize a lot of you will want less stretch to start with. That's why we now offer the lights stretch aerial fabric in many colors!

Why clip a Carabiner in a swivel when you can have both in one! Use it anywhere and everywhere!

New Swival-Eye and Swiva-Biner carabiners are for you! 


We usually recommend to rig your aerial ring with one of our Forged Rings, but hey, some of you prefer the Rescue 8, so we added Rock Exotica's rescue 8 to our list of products

A lot of us used to have to use carabiners, quick links and shackles to attach swivels to other rigging equipment... that is a thing of the past! With the new items above from rock exotica, or the new PETZL Gated Swivel and Micro Gated Swivel,  you can now OPEN swivels and rig directly on it what you want, for example our super popular Velvet PRO Aerial Straps! 


Last update: Nov 02, 2020

Hugo Noel

Name: Hugo Noël President of CircusConcepts and internationally recognised Artist Grew up in: St-Antoine-de-Tilly, Québec, Canada Raised part-time on a sailboat sailing around the Atlantic Ocean, Hugo is a very friendly person who likes to spend quality time with friends. Since he discovered circus in 2003, he has been consumed by his passion for creation and physical accomplishments. He first started by learning the basics at the Québec Circus School, and at the same time started competing in trampoline. Just in time for him to finish his studies in mechanical engineering, he was hired by Cirque Starlight, in Switzerland, where he made his debut as a professional circus performer. He since then worked for various companies in touring or fixed show in Europe and America. After leaving the “LOVE” show in Las Vegas, he went back to Canada to perform his many skills in corporate events. His acts have had since a great success, having been presented in over 25 countries around the world, more than 15 festivals and numerous awards, including 4 at the most recognised circus festival of Monte-Carlo, and his act was again presented in 2016 for the "Best of last 40 years" in Monte-Carlo. There are now an average of 15 artists working for Circus Concepts for galas and shows, and also have 3 persons working with us in the office engineering side of the company, 4 in the manufacture, creating the dream apparatus of the artists. Using the skills he has been taught by his father since very young, and other knowledge he acquired in a work and study education in Mechanical Engineering and while he “ran away with the circus”, Hugo also draws and shapes metal to help circus artist achieve success – making people believe in dreams. See for more info on shows.

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