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We are changing our Splices! 

All of our trapeze ropes will now be made with small splices at both ends (like our Lyra ropes). Often, the bigger splices are more difficult to get carabiners onto; now our entire range of carabiners and shackles will accommodate the smaller splices which will make the transition from ''Fixed-trapeze" mode to "Dance-trapeze" mode much easier without ending up with 2-3 bulky carabiners at the head of the trapeze!  The presence of a small splice at each end will also give your ropes a longer lifetime because you will have the option of changing the sense of direction in the ropes. Meaning if one of your ropes wear prematurely due to certain movements, you can switch the ends from bottom to top or top to bottom to get the best of your purchase!

Our smaller splices look like

We have already started to change to smaller splices!

Bend rather than break!

This new model of trapeze ropes meets a great demand from the dance trapeze enthusiasts who wanted to have ropes with more flexibility so they can wrap their wrists and ankles during certain movements without ending up with a "Stretchy" rope which in turn, makes dynamic movements more difficult. To solve this problem, we have replaced the steel cable, which is normally at the center of our ropes, with Technora Heatboss Fiber, an aramid fiber stronger than steel for the same diameter. The technora rope fits perfectly into our stainless steel splices which protect it at the exposed ends.  Technora ropes are used extensively in Theaters to do all stunt flying, so you'll know, the next time you perform on your trapeze, that the fiber at the heart of your trapeze ropes is also used to fly your favorite superheros and will serve as parachute rope for NASA's next Mars Rover in 2020! 


These new models of Trapeze ropes are currently in testing and are expected to launch early next year! 

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