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This category is to give news about our partners and sponsors. 

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Notre objectif est de faciliter l'achat d'équipements de qualité pour nos clients. Les prix d'expédition élevés vers l'Europe -- c'est fini !


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Circus Concepts est récemment devenu un revendeur officiel du PETZL !   Cela nous a donné accès à de nouveaux articles vraiment étonnants pour vous aider à profiter au maximum de votre passion pour le cirque.


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Shipping has become cheaper than ever

Due to our high volume and a new agreement with DHL, our discounted shipping rates makes you, our custommers, save! Cost of sending props internationally up to 50% less than before! 

The more you shop, the more you save! 

And on top, delivery times are cut in half. Our regular Express service will arive the next day in North America, and within 2 days in Europe!

For orders over 54 kg, we will get you a special discounted rate, just for you.

Our comprehensive shipping calculator will...


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Congratulation to Chilli and Fly as they win “The Best Le Meilleur artiste” Contest In France


Chilly and Fly, part of the ReCircle Collective, which CircusConcepts sponsors, won this year's “the Best le meilleur artiste” contest in France. Why is it news for CircusConcepts? For 2 reasons: #1 – We are their sponsor - #2 – They are using a Russian Cradle / Korean Cradle made by us!


The grand finale of this famous reality show can be watched or review streaming on the TF1 Replay. Each of the premium artists having diverse...


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Here is a very nice video of some of the community work from the ReCircle Collective, which CircusConcepts is the proud sponsor of:


CircusConcepts is proub to help the collective achieve their goals around the world, bringing the roots of circus and a big smile in so many faces. 

ReCircle uses only circusconcepts wheels, and most of their appratus are build by us. They are specialist in performing with the Cyr Wheel in all of it's versions, for the amazement of the public.

Alex Lane, co-founder of the collective, works closely with CircusConcepts for all of their performance needs!


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