Chinese Pole Bearing Attachement Kit

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New product!

We have conceived, tested and will soon lauch the production of Chinese Pole bearing kit.

This kit can be added onto poles purchased from us in the past( as long as you have a 2-1/8" Pole ) or soon you will be able to checkout with this item as a "pole head option" when purchasing chinese poles.

The kit includes a base adapter and a top adapter, both on very strong bearings that will hold the horizontal and vertical force.

A simple handle changes from 'free' to 'locked' position the pole in a small motion. You can even attach a small rope to it so it can be activated by a backstage technician.

Please contact us if you are interested in this product! It is not yet in the checkout options for the poles but will soon be!

Last update: Dec 07, 2017

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