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Mise à jour 05-01-2020

Nous pourrons enfin rouvrir bientôt !


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Fier d’annoncer notre nouvelle collection de sangles aériennes, améliorant les besoins des artistes d’aujourd’hui. 

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En raison de la forte demande de la fibre pour l'approvisionnement de l'armée et du gouvernement et de l'offre limitée, nous ne sommes plus en mesure d'obtenir ce matériau pour une durée indéterminée. Cependant, 3 nouveau modeles seront lancés d'ici 1 semaine !


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CircusConcepts a récemment revu ses modèles de cordes de trapèzes afin de les rendent plus polyvalentes, performants et plus facile à utiliser.

Il y aura 2 nouveaux modèles de corde de trapèzes, l'un pour remplacer les modèles existants et l'autre, plus flexible, afin de permettre de nouveaux mouvements acrobatiques.


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Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer notre partenariat exclusif avec Barry Cordages pour offrir à nos clients et clients de Barry des produits acrobatiques de haute qualité. Forts de notre expertise dans les produits durs et de leur expertise dans les cordes, les sangles, les câbles et les filets, Barry et CircusConcepts croient que nous pouvons ensemble offrir des produits acrobatiques de qualité à nos clients.


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Shipping has become cheaper than ever

Due to our high volume and a new agreement with DHL, our discounted shipping rates makes you, our custommers, save! Cost of sending props internationally up to 50% less than before! 

The more you shop, the more you save! 

And on top, delivery times are cut in half. Our regular Express service will arive the next day in North America, and within 2 days in Europe!

For orders over 54 kg, we will get you a special discounted rate, just for you.

Our comprehensive shipping calculator will...


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Like we didn't offer enough options yet for Cyr Wheels.. here is one more!

We now offer Chrome/Mirror Polished style wheels. As you can see from the image, the Mirror Polished wheels have the greatest reflection and look of all cyr wheels. It's more reflective than our normal hand-made finish.

Your wheel will shine like a diamond under the lights of the stage!

And, since we add a layer between the polishing and the covering, this ensures that your wheel will keep looking clean and fresh for a long time!

Order your new PRO Mirror Polished wheel today! 


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New product!

We have conceived, tested and will soon lauch the production of Chinese Pole bearing kit.

This kit can be added onto poles purchased from us in the past( as long as you have a 2-1/8" Pole ) or soon you will be able to checkout with this item as a "pole head option" when purchasing chinese poles.

The kit includes a base adapter and a top adapter, both on very strong bearings that will hold the horizontal and vertical force.

A simple handle changes from 'free' to 'locked' position the pole in a small motion. You can even attach a small rope to it so it can be activated by a backstage technician.

Please contact us if...


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In an effort to offer poles for everyone, we now offer training poles!

Without the expensive rubber covering, you can make your own resin mix or tape the pole, or simply install your own covering or one of our Rubber Sleeve on it.

This is an economic slution to our PRO pole but with the same quality, affordable shipping price and easy to carry!



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