New model of Aerial Straps!

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 CircusConcepts is pleased to announce the arrival of our new models of Aerial straps. We know you loved our Aramid Fiber straps - but we can't make them anymore. Read more about this here.  So, we decided it was time for a change and to make straps adapted to today's artist's realities, while keeping the same strength and reliability. 

Improved features on new CircusConcepts' Straps models

New features on all models (coming in January 2020)

  • Narrower straps. More flexible, more elegant.
  • Narrower top loop, folded on itself to fit in shackles or quick links and the new model of gated swivel by PETZL that we now carry in stock.
  • The folded loop on top will offer more wear resistance
  • The new top loop is reinforced on the inside to offer a better wear and tear surface, thus saving the main strap from premature use.
  • New stitch patterns, allowing a more flexible strap where the stitches are located. They will also now be made computerized for perfect sewing every time.
  • Different finishing technique at the end of the seam, again to allow more flexibility and comfort. 

While this will be standard on all strap's models, even the Basic Nylon ones, our more advanced products will offer different features.

Basic Nylon Straps (coming in January 2020)

  • Pros:
    • Economical
    • Best for wet environment
    • Long lasting
  • Cons
    • Hard on the skin
    • Black Color Only

Cotton Covered Straps - Ideal for Schools (coming in January 2020)

  • Same improvements. Much more flexible than before, now 1.5'' wide instead of 2 inch wide.
  • Standard in Black - Available in more colors on request. 
  • Easier to Wash and more stain resistant than our Velvet®  Straps.
  • Not as comfortable as the Velvet®  Straps

Velvet®  Straps - Ideal for any strap artist 

  • Incredibly comfortable. You'll want to cuddle with them at night.
  • New look: Standard in Charcoal Grey - Elegant and dark, yet still visible over a black background.  The lighting artist will love the texture on these!
  • Same improvements than the other models. Comparable and even more comfort than our Aramid Fiber straps.
  • More flexible than before, now 1.5'' wide.
  • Available in more colors on request.

We plan to initially produce the Velvet®  Straps only in Charcoal gray, and in January 2020 it will also be possible to obtain these in different colors (red, blue, green and possibly more) on custom orders! 

Order HERE

Note: if for some reason you would prefer to have our older straps model (Except for aramid fiber), we can always manufacture them on request.

Hang in Confidence with our new and improved straps!

More new products on the way... stay tuned!

Last update: Mar 29, 2021

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