New Item: Pole and Dance Pole Rubber covering (sleeve)

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Do you want the best grip on your Pole or dance pole? Do you want to use your pole with clothes?

For both Chinese pole, and dance pole fitness, having a rubber covering on your pole is a must. Here are the reasons why:

#1 - It will make your pole softer, hence less bruises and pain while using it.

#2 – It will greatly improve your grip, making it easier to do hard tricks and exercises

#3 – No more need for sticky resin on your hands#4 – No more need to wash the pole at every use

#5 – Make your pole look nice. You can have it in 7 different colors!We are now offering a similar covering than what is our profesionnal chinese pole, but in a format that you can install yourself.

In the Dance Pole / Fitness Pole business, it's a great improvement to your pole. For the circus artist, it's a cheaper way to get a quality covering on your pole without purchasing a new pole, or for 1 piece poles.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of removable pole rubber coverings versus a permanent pole covering( vulcanised ):Advantage:-Easy to install-Cheaper than vulcanised rubber covering-Small and cost-effective to ship

Disadvantage:-Not as durable, as the rubber might split with time from hard drops, and is more sensible to cuts dues to people using it with metal object( belts etc etc ) or accidental damage.

-Needs to be removed for dissasembly of the pole for multi-sections poles.

Our pole coverings come with an optionnal but very recommended installation tool that needs to be connected to a small compressor( not provided ). It of course comes with instructions how to install the covering and to maintain it.

Yes the rubber will increase the radius of your pole by 3/16, but since the grip is so much better, this will not affect you, even you feel like you have small hands on a polished pole. All in all, this is a very usefull products for profesionnals, dance studios or anyone who wants to get the best of his pole!

Last update: Dec 22, 2017

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