Cadre Russe / Coréen

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Cadre Russe / Coréen / Version de transport

Cadre Russe / Coréen / Version de transport

Le cadre russe de transport est complètement démontable et conçu pour être transporté en avion avec..

4 900,00 $ CAD

Cadre Russe / Coréen / Version Fixe

Cadre Russe / Coréen / Version Fixe

Ce Cadre Russe / Coréen Fixe est une version soudé contrairement à notre version de transport qui ..

4 198,00 $ CAD

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Eric Heitzman 09/09/2011

**Purchase a PRO Simple Wheel** I wanted to say, I *love* my wheel. I'm kind of addicted to it. It's really a work of art, and without a doubt, the best toy I've ever owned. Thanks again. Eric..

Julie Yoga 01/01/2018

Dear Hugo and everyone . . . I'm writing to tell you how much I love my handstand canes! First, I was AMAZED at how quickly they arrived. You guys are really outstanding in the customer service department!!! And the canes themselves are so beautiful and just perfect for me. I especially love the wood on the round handles. I am having a lot of fun playing on them every day while dreaming of my future competence. Ha! So thank you all very much for the high quality craftsmanship you are contributing to the world. I'm super grateful!!! Wishing the best for you, Julie North Carolina U..

Harold Todd Moeller 01/01/2010

Hey Hugo! A friend of mine who is practicing cyr as well..Charlie Adams..bought some skins from you to reskin her wheel! I was curious..I bought my wheel from Valerie Laplante Bilidenou's(i spelled that wrong) Dad! Do you know her? Her dad makes wheels..well had I checked out yours sooner i would have bought one from are a little more reasonably priced-and people love your product..