Cadre Russe / Coréen

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Cadre Russe / Coréen / Version de transport

Cadre Russe / Coréen / Version de transport

Le cadre russe de transport est complètement démontable et conçu pour être transporté en avion avec..

4 900,00 $ CAD

Cadre Russe / Coréen / Version Fixe

Cadre Russe / Coréen / Version Fixe

Ce Cadre Russe / Coréen Fixe est une version soudé contrairement à notre version de transport qui ..

4 198,00 $ CAD

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Scott Stanley 26/09/2016

I'm the Head of rigging at a popular show on the Las Vegas strip owned by a household name QC company. Hugo helped us create custom aerial neck-loops for our show when our local supplier dried up. Fantastic workmanship, super easy communication to get the product built correctly. Their off the shelf products have always been outstanding. I highly recommend Circus Concepts. ss..

Kevin St. Laurent 05/05/2014

Just got my roue cyr from Hugo at . Not only is it gorgeous, the craftsmanship is impeccable. The main reason I went for this one over other wheels was because it dismantles into five pieces weighing under 20kg and fits into a golf bag so it's really easy to travel with. Plus, it's a lot easier to fit into small cars. Hugo was timely and super easy to work with."..

Harold Todd Moeller 01/01/2010

Hey Hugo! A friend of mine who is practicing cyr as well..Charlie Adams..bought some skins from you to reskin her wheel! I was curious..I bought my wheel from Valerie Laplante Bilidenou's(i spelled that wrong) Dad! Do you know her? Her dad makes wheels..well had I checked out yours sooner i would have bought one from are a little more reasonably priced-and people love your product..