Lea Torren Jenner, Why She Trusts CircusConcepts Pro Cyr Wheel

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CircusConcepts is proud to present Lea Torren Jenner, a professional circus artist who studied in the ENC in Montreal, Canada. Since 2014, her passion lets her travel around the world and she is now performing a Duo Cyr Wheel act with her partner at the famous and prestigious Moulin Rouge located in Paris, France. 

Just as Cirque du Soleil, 7 Fingers and Ferrari World, Lea Torren Jenner trusts the quality of our products. In her video, she introduces our Pro Cyr Wheel model. She also explains how practical the wheel is, how easy it is to assemble and how important it is to choose the right size of wheel according to your height.

Check out her AWESOME video


Last update: Mar 07, 2018


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