How to use a Coupon code

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How to use the coupon code:

1)      Add the desired items to your cart

2)      View your cart

3)      Go to the section ''Use coupon code''

4)      Enter coupon code: JGHF34 (example)

5)      Click on ''Checkout''

6)      Select your Free Gift (For orders more than 380$*) and proceed to checkout

7)      At ''Step 4'' you will find a ''Comments'' section.  Please enter where you heard about our special here, along with your corresponding username, email or friends name (as stated below in the terms & Conditions)

8)      Complete Checkout of your order!


If you do not have a discount at the checkout, it might be because at least one of your items is not eligible to the discount. Look at the sales terms and conditions for more info.

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Last update: Aug 04, 2021


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