Train at home easily! This model will fit inside your home! 

Our HOME Quadripod is designed to be economical, for Light to Medium duty aerial work, with high stabilty, high load rating and easy to transport. This model is quite low, but allows you to train inside your home. We recommend getting the higher model so that you can have more options when the weather is good outside!  But if you only need this height.. it can be perfect for you! 


  • Very lightweight - 44lbs / 20 kg total weight 
  • Aluminium - won't rust, no maintenance.
  • Swiveling eyebolt, you save vertical usable height and save the purchase of a 100$+ gated swivel !
  • Fits in your  home at the 7'5" lower setting. 
  • Large top bar allows you to stretch fully horizontally at usage height.
  • Quick to assemble. Clip-on legs and joints.
  • High strength ! 850 lbs Working Load ( 4250 lbs breaking load ) - Safe to use even for Duos! 
  • Comes standard with one central point, but you can also use it double point (using Tubular Webbing Slings or Anchor Slings, sold separately)
  • High Stability

Items included:   

  • Swiveling Head
  • Cables for the legs ( for 7.5' height setting  )

Options / accessories:

  • Anchoring kit - Kit of 4 Ground Stake to secure on soft ground outside ( recommended ) 

Kit of 4 small stakes to put in soft ground at angle to secure the structure in case of moderate winds.

  • Double Point setup kit - Pair of Tubular webbing slings and 3/8 shackles for double point setup (price in cart for items) 

Kit includes:  2 x 2' Tubular Webbing Slings and 2 x 3/8 Shackles. Allows you to rig on 2 separate points on the top bar. 

  • You can upgrade later your HOME Aerial Structure to HOME+ or HOME MAX by purchasing extra parts.

Technical specifications ( Imperial )

Travel size

  • 2 box of 60 x 9 x 9 inches
  • 44lbs

Usage size

  • Height settings: 7.5 feet-
  • Usable height ( from Eyebolt to floor ) ; 7 feet
  • Footprint:   63 x 110 inches 

Technical specifications( Metric )

Travel size

  • 2 box of 155 x 23 x 23 cm
  • 20 kg

Usage size

  •  Height setting: 2.3m
  • Usable height( from Eyebolt to floor ) ; 2.17m
  • Footprint:  2.3m : 160cm x 280cm


  • Aluminium structure
  • Zinc plated components ( eyebolts and leg joints )
  • Galvanized leg cables.

Any other questions?

Contact us! We’ll gladly help you.

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Freestanding Aerial Structure Home in Freestanding rigs by Circus Concepts

  • $ US1,099.30$ US

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