Cellule de charge

Pese pour calculer la charge appliquée à certains systèmes de gréement

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Cellule de charge ENFORCER avec mallette de transport

Cellule de charge ENFORCER avec mallette de transport

La cellule de charge par Rock Exotica est un équipement essential à tous les professionnels de gré..

1 143,45 $ CAD

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Antti Säynätmäki 22/06/2013

Hi, I just got the wheel and armed it. Everything seems to be ok, playing with the wheel is so much fun I'm really happy now I decided to buy it :) It's even better than I expected. Everything is good quality and the golf bag modification is really nice too. I will recommend these wheels to everyone who wants one. Thanks for the t-shirt aswell!..

Harold Todd Moeller 01/01/2010

Hey Hugo! A friend of mine who is practicing cyr as well..Charlie Adams..bought some skins from you to reskin her wheel! I was curious..I bought my wheel from Valerie Laplante Bilidenou's(i spelled that wrong) Dad! Do you know her? Her dad makes wheels..well had I checked out yours sooner i would have bought one from you..you are a little more reasonably priced-and people love your product..

Nico Riviera 05/05/2014

First of all, I want to thank you for the wheel. It's exactly what I wanted, and my training greatly improved with this high quality prop!!..