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Tape | PPT | Generic | Full Roll

Tape | PPT | Generic | Full Roll
Tape | PPT | Generic | Full Roll
Tape | PPT | Generic | Full Roll
Tape | PPT | Generic | Full Roll

Polyurethane Protective Tape (PPT Tape) is an Aeronautical product that is also used in the circus industry as a transparent Grip tape to add on surfaces for adherence, on aerial rings, trapezes, Cyr wheels and more.

Perfect if you want to protect you investment without compromising the look of your apparatus. This clear tape is nearly invisible but still really strong; it will protect your apparatus from minor impact damage, abrasion, erosion, corrosion and yellowing overtime (due to UV light). You’ll find this tape extremely simple and easy to install. It can be painted or applied over painted surfaces. Tape is constructed with a long-aging, solvent-resistant, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive that is protected with an easy-peel plastic liner.


Width: 2’’ (5.08 cm)

Total thickness: 0.012‘’ (0.03 cm)

Polyurethane Film thickness: 0.010‘’ (0.025 cm)

Adhesive thickness: 0.002‘’ (0.005 cm)

Length: Complete Roll = 33.33 Yards / 30.48 Meters / 100 Feet

Approximate Weight: 0.016 lb/m (24 g/m)

Common uses:

  • Cyr wheel covering
  • German wheel
  • Trapeze bar
  • Aerial Ring
  • Protective layer on polycarbonate, Plexiglas and other materials


Increases the adherence to surfaces and to skin contact

One sided auto-adhesive. Adheres strongly to steel, aluminum, paint, acrylic and other surfaces

Very resistant and stretchy

Thin and transparent

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Tape | PPT | Generic | Full Roll
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