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This is the 'full kit' option for our tripod. If you're unsure what you need, we packed everything you should need to make the best use of your tripod. visit our blog for other suggested configuration HERE

See Product Image for a Demo using the Tripod!  
Also, here in use at 6min30 in the video - QUARANTINE: Through The Eyes of Cirque du Soleil Artists

 You'll be able to:

  • Bring the tripod up and down without effort (using the pulley block). 
  • Pull performers up and down while they use the props on a rope with swivel and carabiner.
  • Set up the Tripod piece by piece or by using the pivoting head.
  • Set up your tripod at 16', 20' and 24' heights. (lower heights available with custom cable kits)
  • Set up a trapeze (FIXED on the tripod - without pulley and ropes. To remove the trapeze you'll have to bring down the tripod with the pulley block, which is very easy. Or, even better, you can simply add a small side attachment and a small rope (not included) and pull the trapeze to the side when you want to use something else. Please see this video to understand it :

The GOLIATH and ACHILLE Freestanding Aerial Rig is our new line of rigging set-up for aerial artists. With the guaranteed high quality design and manufacture that gave us our reputation, this freestanding rig is the strongest, safest and most stable of it's kind on the market. It does not require any ground anchorages, and can be set-up by one person alone. However, if you want to use the rig while there is high winds, for example, you should buy and use the optional stakes below.

The ACHILLES version is the most recommended one for travelling, with a total weight of 150 lbs - 69 kg for the full 24" / 7,3 m version  (weight varies depending on options and length used) it's very lightweight but still very stable. It has a lower Breaking load than the GOLIATH version, but still plenty of strength to easily handle duos with dynamic actions and trios with a Minimum Breaking load of 5500 Lbs/2500 Kg. At one third of the weight of GOLIATH, this structure is what you need to perform anywhere, anytime. 

Comes standard with one point of attachment, but designed to be used with the trapeze spread-bar.

See how easy it is to set up and tear down, and how high it is here on this video!

Protect your investment by adding a kit of 3 Aluminum stakes to your order. Made to hold your Achilles Tripod to the ground and prevent it from falling over in high winds. The stakes are made completely of aluminum and are 30 inches long, made with 3/4'' rod. 


  • Set up Tripod piece by piece or by using the pivoting head.
  • Very Stable

  • Fast tool-less assembly - Can be assembled in less than 5 minutes without using a single tool!!  See how it goes up and down without effort using a pulley block here:

  • High strength due to it's precise machined construction. Breaking Load of 5500 Lbs/ 2500 Kg  Minimum. 

  • All high strength aluminum. Won't rust.

  • Lightweight - From 122 Lbs to 165 Lbs/ 55 to 75 kg (depending on length and options)  Can be transported by plane in 3 suitcases easily.

  • Variable height. It can be set-up at 16' , 20' or 24' heights with the additional cable kit (included)

  • Tripod configuration allows for stability over uneven grounds

  • Large leg ends allows for placement on soft grounds (grass, gravel, dry dirt)

  • Trapeze spread bar allows 2 points rigging, perfect for trapeze, bungees, loop rope or loop tissue.

Ready to use. Just open the box, assemble and that's it!

Our Tripods are made only of aluminum and stainless steel, making them good to leave outside and assembled for extended periods of time. If you do decide to leave your rig outdoors, please follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure that the rig is secured and safe from children or onlookers.
  • If you plan on leaving your rigging equipment installed outside for a long period of time be sure to use our marine grade pulleys and ropes.
  • Grease the bolts on your rig regularly to avoid rust.
  • Make sure the ropes are kept off the ground to stay as dry as possible.
  • In places with extremely hot and sunny weather, the ropes will deteriorate faster.  Ropes left outside year round should be replaced every 6 to 24 months, according to their state.
  • If you live in an area where it snows in the winter, it is best to bring your rig inside during those months.



  • The ENFORCER Load Cell can let you know the loads applied to your structure and points to make sure to never overload them, and to ensure sufficient rigging

  • It comes with the very important Carry Case to protect it!

  • Get 15% Off on the load Cell when you buy it with our tripod!

Technical specifications:

Size (ENG)

  • 23'9"  top to bottom full height. Can also be used at 16'3"  and 20' 

  • Usable Heights (Attachment point to ground ) is 23'5" , 19'8" or 15'11"

  • Ground dimensions
    • Circle of 26'4" Dia. or a triangle of 23' w/ 6 leg sections
    • Circle of 22'  Dia.  or a triangle of 19' w/ 5 leg sections
    • Circle of 17'8 Dia.  or a triangle of 15'6'' w/ 4 leg sections
  • All structural grade aluminum
  • Standard Cable lengths

    • A = 255'' B = 261'' w/ 6 leg sections
    • A = 213.5'' B = 219'' w/ 5 leg sections
    • A = 171.5''  B = 177'' 

  • 5500 Lbs Certified minimum Breaking Load. Recommended maximum working load is 1120 Lbs

  • Total Weight: Around 165 Lbs depending on options and height.



  • 7.3 meters top to bottom full height.
  • Usable Height (Attachment point to ground ) is 7.13m, 6m or 4.85m

  • Ground dimensions

    • Circle of 8.02 m Dia. or a triangle of 7 m w/ 6 leg sections
    • Circle of 6.7 m  Dia.  or a triangle of 5.8 m w/ 5 leg sections

    • Circle of 5.4 m Dia.  or a triangle of 4.7 m w/ 4 leg sections
  • All structural grade aluminum
  • 2500 Kg Certified minimum Breaking Load. Recommended working load is 500 Kg

  • Total Weight: Around 75 kg depending on options


Shipping / Transport Size

  • ENG:  

    • You can bring it on the plane with 2 checked bags + one overweight bag (Or NOT, depending if you bring the full height will all cables)

    • 2 box of 61 x 8 x 9" , 60-65 Lbs depending on tripod size your taking

    • Plus one 15 x 16 x 22 " package of 38 Lbs (or more if rigging options are added)

    • Optional Trapeze Spread-bar is 40'' x 4'' x 4'' (packed in a tube) and 12 Lbs -- but this bar can also be fitted into the boxes for the legs if bringing a 20' or 16' version.

  • METRIC:  

  • You can bring it on the plane with 2 regular checked bags + one overweight bag (Or NOT, depending if you bring the full height will all cables)

  • 156 x 23 x 20 " , 2 packages of 27 to 29 kg each  depending on tripod size your taking

  • Plus one 56 x 40 x 38 cm  package of 17 Kg (or more if rigging options are added) -  For the head, legs, rigging accessories

  • Trapeze Spread bar is 100 x 10 x 10 and 5 Kg -- but this bar can also be fitted into the boxes for the legs if bringing a 20' or 16' version.


  • Structural Grade 

  • Steel (Trapeze Spread bar)
  • Galvanized Steel (Attachment Eyebolts)
  • Rubber (wheels)
  • Alloy Steel For some of the Nuts and Bolts. 

Any other questions?

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Freestanding Aerial Rig Structure ACHILLE model Aluminium Tripod PRO kit by CircusConcepts

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