Cube Aerien

Cube Aerien
< p > Cubes aériennes servent de trapèzes personnes multi. CircusConcepts Manifactures qualité aériennes cubes pour artistes. & nbsp ; < /p >

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Cube Aerien

Cube Aerien

Cube Aérien permettant plusieurs artistes de performer en même temps des routines de trapèze. Ce cu..

1 614,60 $ CAD

Maillon Rapide 5/16'' - approuvé charge humaine

Maillon Rapide 5/16'' - approuvé charge humaine

Ce maillon rapide est le plus fréquemment utilisé pour gréer nos équipements aériens.Note : approuv..

8,50 $ CAD

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Harold Todd Moeller 01/01/2010

Hey Hugo! A friend of mine who is practicing cyr as well..Charlie Adams..bought some skins from you to reskin her wheel! I was curious..I bought my wheel from Valerie Laplante Bilidenou's(i spelled that wrong) Dad! Do you know her? Her dad makes wheels..well had I checked out yours sooner i would have bought one from are a little more reasonably priced-and people love your product..

Daniel Blunk 30/01/2010

I have justed started doing Cyr Wheel but I´m realy satisfied with the Ring, have seen some Rings from a German producer but I like yours way more. (yours is more Shine) Just can give anybody the advice to get the ring from your Place, also you take care about your customer service Just great...

Michael Thomlinson 02/11/2017

Hugo, You make very beautiful equipment. I have been working in engineering and welding for 30 years and your work is top quality. ..