EJAC System for CircusConcepts Chinese Poles

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New EJAC( Emergency Joint Aperture Conception) for Chinese Poles. 

Forget about frozen joints you cannot unscrew anymore.

We are, once again, improoving our products by pioneering engineering solutions to make sure you make the best of your investement.

We have created an Emergency release system for Chinese Pole, available on all our new pole models. 

Due to dirt or foreign object in the joint or lack of correct greasing while the pole stay assembled for a long time, your screwed joint might lock in place. Many circus artists have experienced this problem on many models on screwed joint chinese poles before. Since then, many artists have been reluctant to use screwed joints. Our latest model of poles have almost completely resolved this issue, when correctly used, but still. We want our system to be totally 'Idiot proof'.

Who knows when someone without knowledge will wipe off the anti-seize on the joint before assembly and assemble it, showing it proudly to you after... and then your face falls down because he has just maybe wrecked a 2000$ pole... which happenned to me personally. We where able to save the pole, but the joints where permanently damaged. 

 Since our tests have shown that our screwed joints are the most solid, and do not reduce at all the stiffness and solidity of a pole, we have conceived a system to reassure custommers, and save them if they ever experience this problem. 

If the basic troubleshooting and lever technique does not work, you can now rely on an alternative that will for sure open the joint. Your pole will never become un-usable from freezed up joint.

Using simply an allen key and a #8 screw, you can pull out the safety pin, and the joint will separate without any unscrewing, simply. Then you can put the safety system back in position, find and correct the issue that blocked the screwing motion, and your pole is just like before again. The whole procedure can be done in one minute. 

Instructions to use the EJAC system comes with the user manual included in the package or your pole.

Available on all new pole models from Feb 2014. 

Last update: Dec 22, 2017

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