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Chinese Pole/ Rubber Covering (Sleeve)/ Custom Diameter

Chinese Pole/ Rubber Covering (Sleeve)/ Custom Diameter
4 - 8 Weeks

Rubber covering tubes (sleeves) have been used in the circus for over 15 years on Chinese poles. Nowadays in the circus we use permanently vulcanized rubber on our poles, as the end result is better. But, for some customers, rubber sleeves can be a great option.


·         Rubber thickness: 1/8 inch

·         Sleeve length: 20 feet

·         Colour: Black

·         Diameter: Custom

This sleeve is recommended for full poles of 20 foot (6 m). If your pole is shorter, you can just cut the sleeve to desired length with a knife-tool. For poles of 10 feet (3 m) or less, you can choose the dance pole sleeve. Chinese Pole sleeves are different from Dance pole sleeves as they are a bit thinner but reinforced (as they are usually put on larger poles, and you don't want them too sticky to allow slides) -- but to avoid shearing during dynamic tricks there is a reinforcement in the rubber.



·         Give the Ideal grip to your pole

·         Reinforced with nylon

·         Can be installed and removed easily

·         Make the pole softer (less bruises)

·         Inexpensive

·         Increase the skills performed on the pole

We highly recommend the compressor adapter to make the installation easier! If you can find a compressor, you only need the right adapter.

Choose the adapter depending on:

·         Region:

o    Japan

o    Europe

o    America

·         Size:

o    Small adapter: inner diameter of 1.9 inch or less

o    Big Adapter: inner diameter of 1.9 inch or more

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Chinese Pole/ Rubber Covering (Sleeve)/ Custom Diameter
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