Creaky Wheel Joints? How to fix it

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TROUBLESHOOTING/NOISE Issues of Cyr Wheels / Simple Wheels

Some people might experience creaky joints. There are 2 things to check to fix this.

#1 – The left side of the joints come pre-assembled with lock-tite. But, after a few months or weeks the wheel will 'place itself '. Due to the lock tite, you might try to tighter the left side of the joint and feel like it's tight, and still the creaking does not stop. This is often due to the lock tite. First, UNSCREW the left side of the joint( you'll have to give yank to the key to 'break' the lock-tite glue), and then, screw it again.

This should stop the creaking.

If not, you should simply grease a bit the joints. Dissasemble the joint( one by one, and reassemble it before dissasembling other joints. That's important mostly on older marked models but better on new ones too ) -- and after dissasembly, grease lightly the whole joint( but not the bolt holes ) with transparent grease / you can even use lipstick. Then reassemble the joints and tighten correctly.

Once you've applied that fix, you can always use some lock tite on the left screws again to preven to have to tighten them once in a while. You don't have to be afraid to tighten the wheels strongly. The fillets are made strong!

Last update: Dec 07, 2017

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