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-- Liquidation d'inventaire -- Sangles aériennes faites de polyester / Blanc / 18 '

-- Liquidation d'inventaire -- Sangles aériennes faites de polyester / Blanc / 18 '

Date de fabrication : 02/02/2016** Veuillez noter que cet article est à 40 % de rabais afin de liqui..

114,00 $ CAD 189,00 $ CAD

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Estelle Borel - Switzerland 01/01/2010

What can I say ? I asked for a special wheel, red with flakes , unique and in a very short time ! I got it on time and my wheel is perfect, exactly how I expected to be ! And because it has been made in Québec and from someone specialized in this circus speciality I have full trust in the good quality of built...

Flip Fabrique 25/07/2016

Flip Fabrique has proudly maintanied a close partnership with Circus Concept since our debut. Circus Concepts has the best circus apparatus on the market...

Mareike Schmitt 08/02/2017

Item: ACHILLE Aluminium Freestanding Rig *a year ago I bought my tripod with you and I love it !!! We have since built up in many places, even once in a room, but mostly on the grass and in the open. Many people ask me where I have her and envy me because it comes so great build. Even changing between silks, trapeze, etc. goes so fast !! **Original( in german ) vor einem Jahr habe ich bei dir mein Tripod gekauft und ich LIEBE es!!! Wir haben es seitdem an vielen Orten aufgebaut, einmal sogar in einem Raum, meist aber auf der Wiese und im Freien. Sehr viele Leute fragen m..