German Wheel / Rhoenrad

It is originally from Germany, where over 120,000 German wheels can be found in gyms around this country. Yet it is used all around the world for both Competition and circus presentations. This is a recent apparatus that has proven its mark, making us the only other quality German wheel manufacturer outside of the only manufacturer in Germany, who makes reliable wheels. Our wheels are always round and roll straight. It is made of 2 rings linked together. There are also "line handles" and "spiral handles" on the wheel, and also footboard and foot straps.


Our German wheels are custom made to order to the user's height. 


Forget the gray or white looking German wheel, with a matte finish. Our German wheels can be shiny aluminum (standard finish), or ANY Color you want!  See colour scheme! Only CircusConcepts wheels are like this!

Top Quality

Our German wheels are made with the same precision and quality as our worldwide reputation for the best wheels states. We have a very complicated job to ensure; All of our wheels are straight, identical, and most important ... they ALL roll straight!

Easy to transport

  • For a quick and partial disassembly: dismantle into  2 to 6 pieces for fast displacement

  • For complete disassembly: dismantle it into 16 pieces to fit it easily in Two (2) cases for plane transport.

·         Easy and quick to assemble

·         Total weight varies depending on model. Contact us for more information. 

·         ULTRA LIGHT WHEELS are also offered. We can manufacture an aluminum model which is ultra light to carry. 

 Surface Grip

·         Our wheels are made with a transparent covering. It is hard enough so you don't feel the difference while rolling, but has a better grip on the ground when doing spiral tricks, or transitions from Spiral to Coinspins. 

Durable and Tough

Carbon steel with protective clear coat makes for a tough wheel that won't bend

·         Standard finish wheel are fully Zinc plated for a good look and to prevent any corrosion. Coloured wheels have a primer that keeps rust out. 

·         Our joints are stronger than other competitors; for durability. 

Includes also

·         Metric Allen Key for assembly

·         Instruction manual

·         Extra Bolts

 Options – Add Foot Straps

A pair of Foot straps is necessary for many German wheel classic tricks. If you do not own any we recommend you purchase those too. See more details on the product 

Technical specifications

Grip Size

·         1.5" (3.8 cm) including covering for all wheels.

Wheel diameter

·         German wheels / Rhoenrad size is always measure from the Outside diameter, steel to steel (not considering the covering )

·         Standard wheel size is every 5cm from 160cm to 240cm Outside Diameter. We can manufacture any size on request. To determine the size of wheel you need, take your measurements and add 35 cm.


·         Standard wheel: Zinc finish (shiny). Covering is transparent

·         Custom: You can order your wheel in any color you would like.

o    Plain Colors finish

o    Color plus Metallic Flakes finish (Glitter)

Recommended for which grounds/surfaces

·         HARD Marley/Dance floor,

o    Best Marley is no more than 2-3mm thick. The best way to test if your Marley is soft is to push with your nail in it. If it leaves a mark more than 1mm deep, the Marley is considered soft. You will need more energy to spin and will spin slower, but you can still perform.

·         Wooden floors or Panel

o    Stage risers have a good grip

o    Varnished Floors have a good grip

o    Wet varnished floors are very dangerous

o    Wet stage risers, not varnished, have a low but usable grip

·         Try to AVOID using on theses surfaces.

o    If you plan to use it on such surfaces, the covering will use faster and will lose its transparency quickly. You might need quickly a covering change, which is very time consuming.

§  rough/sandpaper like surfaces

§  asphalt

§  non polished/stone embedded cement like street side walkways) 

Handles / Footboards / Number of transversal bars

You can have the regular 6 transversal bars, or 5 bars (no footboards available in this option). You can order your wheel with or without:

o    Straight line handles

o    Rung Or Spiral Handles

o    Footboards

o    Foot straps

Any other ideas

·         We specialize in custom apparatuses... Contact us with your creative ideas and let your imagination run free!


·         Free CircusConcepts 'Wheel artists'  T-Shirt with every wheel order

Shipping Dimensions (approx) : 

2 boxes of 53 inches X 4 inches X 15 inches and weights 55 pounds

 Any other questions

·         Please read first our FAQ for Simple wheels

·         or, Contact us, we'll gladly help you

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German Wheel Rhoenrad by CircusConcepts

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